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Adventure awaits.

Visit your Southwestern Region Forests.

Inspiring Passion for the Land

National forests and grasslands provide some of the greatest opportunities for outdoor recreation in the world. Recreation activities are fun and:

  • Create memories
  • Provide physical challenge
  • Provoke interest
  • Inspire wonder and awe of the natural world

Recreation contributes greatly to the health of individuals, bonds family and friends, and provides economic benefit to communities. Indeed, outdoor recreation is an essential part of American culture.

  • Plan Your Trip

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    Ensure you are prepared for your visit to the National Forests.

  • Our Forests

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    The Southwestern Region boasts eleven National Forests across Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Special Places

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    Throughout the Southwestern Region, unique and beautiful sites call to the adventurous.


Recreation Cabin Rentals

Photo of Fernow Cabin

Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can experience all of the seasons in a historic Forest Service cabin. Once operated as fully staffed remote ranger stations, they provide an opportunity to live the life of a ranger.

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