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2019 Road Damage

2019 Road Damage Map

Interactive Road Damage Map

This winter a series of strong storms hit California, causing extensive damage to roads, trails, infrastructure and ecosystems on California's national forests. This map will help you determine where road damage has occurred and how it might impact your plans to visit the national forest.

The map shows the damage of which we are aware. While the map is linked directly to the Forest Service database and is kept as current as possible, please contact your local Forest Service office for the most complete and up-to-date information on road damage.

Safety First

Safety FirstBecause of the large land base covered by the state of California, many unforeseen dangers present unpredictable challenges for our visitors.

Information related to forest orders, road closures, traffic conditions, weather reports, avalanche advisories, and more can be found in the "Alerts & Notices" section of all websites for the National Forests in California.

Please take a few moments to read through the current alerts and notices of the National Forests in California.


Watch Out for Falling Trees

Watch out for falling trees!An Ongoing Alert for heightened danger from falling dead trees remains in effect in many areas of the National Forests. While the 2017 winter/spring brought record precipitation in many areas, over 100 million trees killed or weakened by previous drought and bark beetles remain a falling hazard.

Please be cautious when visiting National Forests, especially in the southern and central Sierra Nevada, where mortality has been highest.

Be vigilant of possible hazards and remember the Watch Out tips. Trees can fall anywhere at any time.

When planning a trip to the National Forest, please contact the local Ranger District for more information on areas of heightened danger from tree mortality. Thank you and have a safe and fun visit to the National Forests.

Current Wildland Fire Information

The map below is produced by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group and is hosted on the National Fire Situational Awareness page, where users may access the map in a full browser view. Additional incident specific information can be accessed at InciWeb.

Regional Orders

For all forests in Region 5 (California)
Order Quick Subject
18-01: National Forest System Roads. Vehicle
17-01: National Forest System Roads. Vehicle
16-02: Operating a vehicle unsafely on National Forest System Roads. Also operating a vehicle without a commercial permit. Vehicle
16-01: Possessing or operating a motor vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code 38010-38506. Vehicle
15-01: Using an explosive, fireworks, and operating an engine without a spark arrestor. Fire
15-02: Public Safety Alcohol related
15-05: National Forest System Roads - Possessing or operating a motor vehicle in violation CVC 38010-38506 (Division 16.5 Off-Highway Vehicles) Roads
88-2 Pacific Crest Trail: Using or possessing a bicycle except by special-use authorization on the Pacific Crest Trail. Use



InciWeb logo

InciWeb is an interagency website that provides 'one-stop shopping' for incident information to internal and external audiences. It's primarily used for wildfires, prescribed fires and fire-related incidents.

InciWeb is a source for incident and contact information, news releases, closure information, photos, maps and videos for incidents that occur on federal, state, tribal and local jurisdictions.


Outdoor Safety & Ethics

There are many exciting adventures awaiting your visit to a national forest: safety of visitors is the number one concern of the US Forest Service!

Smokey Bear

The Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention (CFFP) Program, commonly known as the Smokey Bear Program, was created to maintain public awareness of the need to prevent human caused wildfires.


Predictive Services: Northern California Geographic Area Coordination Center

Predictive Services

The Operations Northern California Center (ONCC) is a fully functional cooperative organization that includes representation from multiple agencies.

Predictive Services: Southern California Geographic Area Coordination Center

Predictive Services

The center provides logistical support and intelligence for wildfires in Southern California and logistical support for other non-fire disasters.