Alerts & Closures

Roads and facilities may be closed due to storm damage.

Information related to specific forest closures, road and trail conditions and more can be found in the "Alerts & Notices" section of all websites for the National Forests in California.


Storm Damage Assessment and Repair interactive map

Recreation Site Status Interactive map

Regional Orders

For all forests in Region 5 (California)
Order Expires

Regional Order No. 22-02 Fire Restrictions (explosives, fireworks, spark arrestors)

29 May 2025
Regional Order No. 20-05: National Forest System Roads 15 July 2025

Current Wildland Fire Information

Up to date and specific information about fires and other incidents can be accessed at InciWeb and on our X Fire News Page.

The map below is produced by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group and is hosted on the National Fire Situational Awareness page, where users may access the map in a full browser view.

Watch Out for Falling Trees

Watch out for falling trees!An Ongoing Alert for heightened danger from falling dead trees remains in effect in many areas of the National Forests. There are over 100 million trees killed or weakened by drought and bark beetles that are a falling hazard. Please be cautious when visiting National Forests, especially in the southern and central Sierra Nevada, where mortality has been highest. Trees can fall anywhere at any time. Be vigilant of possible hazards and remember the Watch Out tips (PDF  1092 KB).

Traveling and Recreating in a Burned Area

A burned landscape presents a number of safety hazards that either did not exist prior to the fire or have been exacerbated by the effects of the fire. In some cases these hazardous conditions may persist for several years after a fire. Be very aware of your surroundings, follow warning signs, area closures and directions from agency personnel, and pay particular attention to these potential post-fire safety hazards(PDF version 541 KB)