State, Private, and Tribal Forestry

Connecting people to conserve

From the tallest mountains of California, to the beaches of Hawaiʻi and the mangroves of the United States Affiliated Pacific Islands, State, Private, & Tribal Forestry works across boundaries to conserve and maintain forests.

  • Forest Health Protection

    A branch with spots on some leaves and a magnifying glass

    Collaborating to improve the health of California, Hawaiʻi, and U.S. Affiliated Pacific Island forests through technical assistance, monitoring, and funding.

  • Urban & Community Forestry

    A bus stop with benches and a tree shading it

    Enhancing, restoring, and sustaining trees and forests in the urban environment to cultivate healthy and resilient communities.

  • Wood & Biomass Utilization

    view of a stylized tree cookie

    Supporting innovation and advancing markets for wood and biomass that support forest restoration, wildfire risk reduction, and community resilience.

  • Tribal Relations

    tribal inspired artwork including silhouettes of people and various curved linework

    Committed to working with tribal partners to achieve healthy and resilient landscapes, both now and for generations to come.

  • Forest Stewardship

    A forested mountain scene with a river and bears

    Assisting private land owners in planning and sustainable forest management.

  • Forest Legacy

    A hand is holding a sprouted seedling, and an acorn hovers above it

    Protecting private forest lands through acquisition and conservation easements.

  • Community Forest & Open Space Program

    A field surrounded by forested areas

    Funding the establishment of community forests that provide continuing and accessible community benefits.

  • Hawaiʻi & the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands

    a banana, a jackfruit, and a tropical leaf

    All State & Private Forestry programs provide support to partners in Hawaiʻi & the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands.

  • Climate Change

    A globe with a cloud, a leaf, a drop of water, and a flame overlaid

    Connecting climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts to foster an effective management response across varied activities and ownerships.

  • Shared Stewardship

    Shaking hands floating above a forest

    Working collaboratively with national forests, tribes, state agencies, non-profit and private organizations to address complex land management challenges that span multiple jurisdictions.

  • Conservation Finance

    Trees, money, and a person sitting around a circle

    Conservation Finance brings external funds in the form of private financing, philanthropy, and public grants and loans, to leverage Forest Service-appropriated funds to increase pace and scale of restoration work

  • Funding Resources

    Two forms, one green, one blue, with leaves at the bottom, and a dollar sign at the top

    Delivering financial resources via grants and agreements to partners working hard to conserve and manage forests.