Screen and film reel.The Pacific Southwest Region Audiovisual Program produces a variety of pieces such as video and audio podcasts and films such as The Greatest Good and Green Fire. The program is primarily focused on Ecological Restoration as a strategy of the Region.

Our Audiovisual Program includes the following:

  • Video production, post-production and distribution
  • Still photography
  • Audio production and distribution
  • Stock image management and archiving
  • Video production approvals
  • Technical Approvals
  • Media production consultation

Steve Dunsky and Ann Dunsky manage the Region 5 Audiovisual program, producing films and videos for the Forest Service for more than twenty years. Their award-winning work has been shown on television, such as PBS, in film festivals and at visitor centers. Assignments have taken them around the world.

For the 2005 Centennial of the Forest Service, Steve and Ann produced The Greatest Good. In 2011, they released Green Fire, the first documentary about the life and legacy of Aldo Leopold.


Forest Focus: Audio Podcast

Forest Focus is a program about the National Forests in California, featuring specialists that work for the U.S. Forest Service and others who provide viewpoints on Forest Service issues.


RESTORE: Video Podcast Series

Our video podcast series on Ecological Restoration provides video podcasts highlighting people, projects, and the successes we are making in our restoration activities across the Region.

Forester On The Street

Forester On The Street is a production intended to educate people about their national forests and grasslands.