The Wildlife Program

The Wildlife Program assists field biologists in attaining the Region’s wildlife priorities to manage wildlife habitat resources from a healthy ecosystem perspective. The Wildlife Program covers terrestrial animal species not considered 'threatened, endangered or sensitive' species (TES). We have a specific TES program for species with this designation. The Wildlife Program includes various Get Wild! partnerships to assist in 1) administering wildlife management activities to protect and restore native habitats important for conserving biodiversity; 2) managing habitats in a manner that meets public demand for hunting and wildlife viewing and appreciation; and 3) to assure a well-trained work force and effective organizational structure for applying best science and management in meeting the wildlife-related goals of the Agency.


Yosemite Toad Conservation Assessment

Yosemite Toad in marshy water.

Once historically abundant, it is estimated that this toad has been extirpated from significant portions of its historical localities, and many of its remaining populations appear depleted.

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Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Conservation Assessment

Mountain yellow-legged frog adult.

This report presents a synthesis of scientific literature and expertise regarding the mountain yellowlegged frog complex in the Sierra Nevada, which is now comprised of two species, Rana muscosa and R. sierrae.

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