Outdoor Safety & Ethics

Each year several individuals or parties get lost or hurt in the woods. The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to plan ahead and prepare for your trip. Always check for current conditions and regulations for the area you will be visiting. 

Graphic for outdoor essentials

Outdoor Essentials

View a list of what items to bring when you travel outdoors. Being prepared could save your life.
A couple hiking on a trail in the mountains

Outdoor Safety Tips

Know Before You Go! Check out some key safety tips, learn how to avoid hypothermia, what to do in a lighting storm & more.
A woman squats to clean up a fire ring.

Outdoor Ethics

Learn tips to help minimize our collective impact on natural resources. Get involved and help others.
Smokey with flight nurses at Community Safety Day, Port Ludlow

Campfire Safety

Learn how to pick your campfire spot as well as prepare, build, maintain and extinguish your campfire. 

Help Protect Bats from Bat White Nose Syndrome 

Bats with White Nose SyndromeIn March 2016, Washington’s first case of white-nose syndrome was confirmed in a Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) near North Bend. Though the disease has devastated bat populations in eastern North America, we do not yet know how it will impact western bats.  In general, bats in Washington do not hibernate in large aggregations like bats do in eastern North America. Thus, the spread of the disease in western North America may be different.

Find out more about white-nose syndrome, a disease that has killed millions of bats, and help to avoid its possible spread by humans.