Learning Center

Forest Service brings the forest to a local high school

The forest provides many learning opportunities, and as such may be seen as the ultimate 'learning center'.

Education can be gleaned from the diversity of rugged mountains, deep canyons, meadows, and semi-desert country. Elevations range from 4,200 to over 10,000 feet and Flora and fauna are diverse. Pinyon Pines and oaks are found in the lower elevations, and juniper, pine and fir forests are plentiful in the high mountains. Wildlife such as the black bear, mountain lion, deer, and bighorn sheep inhabit the Forest while the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and the red-tailed hawk soar in the wind.

Great Places To Visit

The following places have interpretive trails and guided tours:


The Climate Change Resource Center

Climate Change Resource Center Website

Rising global temperatures are causing the Earth's climate patterns to change. Planet EarthChanges in climate that are occurring as the planet warms include seasonal and regional changes in temperature and precipitation, and increase in extreme weather events.

Visit the Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center for:

  • Adaptation
  • Climate Change Basics
  • Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis
  • Education
  • Managing Forests because Carbon Matters: Integrating energy, Products and Land Management Policy
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Tools, lectures, videos and much more…..

Looking for teaching ideas on climate change? Check out Forests, Grasslands and Climate Change!