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Anyone interested in a job (permanent or temporary) with the Forest Service, or other federal agencies, can check USAJOBS or FSJobs.

Permanent Opportunities

The Six Rivers National Forest is participating in the Fall 2020 Permanent Centralized Fire Hire. Vacancy announcements open on August 10 and close on September 4, 2020 8:59PM PST. For positions California-wide, visit USAJobs.gov. The US Forest Service has implemented an application program for nationwide centralized recruitment notices. Applicants can apply online at USAJOBS.gov.

Temporary Employment Announcements

The Six Rivers National Forest is filling multiple temporary positions within FIRE and NON-FIRE for the 2021 field season. Openings are available at the GS-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and GS-9 levels. These temporary fire and non-fire positions have a maximum 1039 hours work schedule. The anticipated start date for these positions is April, May and/or June 2021. To be considered for these positions, you will need to apply to these vacancy announcements listed here and found on USAJobs.

Announcements open October 30, 2020 and close on November 10, 2020. Applications MUST be submitted by 8:59 pm PST on the closing date to be considered. To apply for these temporary jobs, visit USAJOBS at www.usajobs.gov, then create a profile and build your resume. Applicants need to read the vacancy announcement thoroughly for specific information about the job requirements and follow the instructions on how to apply.

Additional Information

Other Opportunities

  • Volunteering

    • Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Forest Service. The types of work a volunteer can perform are many and varied.

  • Student Programs

    • The Forest Service also has many opportunities for part-time and temporary employment for high school and college students, including internships and cooperative student opportunities

US Forest Service is an equal opportunity employer, provider and lender.