Maps & Publications

The US Forest Service provides several types of publications and maps to the public. The material is available in many forms: brochures, maps, Recreational Opportunity Guides (ROGs), on such subjects as recreation, sightseeing, wilderness, travel management, and vegetation.

Forest Maps

Six Rivers’ visitor map snapshotThe Forest Service publishes a variety of map products to help you plan your next adventure or enjoy your next visit! The following options are available:

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)

The Motor Vehicle Use Map displays National Forest System routes (roads and trails) or areas designated open to motorized travel. The Motor Vehicle Use Map also displays uses allowed by vehicle class (highway-legal vehicles, vehicles less than 50 inches wide and motorcycles), and seasonal allowances.

Forest Publications

Our publications fall into a few broad categories: administrative, general, recreation and research publications.

Smith River National Recreation Area Map & Guide, Rev. 1/2019

Smith River NRA Map & Guide, Rev. 1/2019, CoverLearn about all the recreational activities that are available on the Smith River National Recreation Area (NRA) in the updated Smith River National Recreation Area Map & Guide!

Additional information about the Smith River NRA, may be found here


Living with Wildfire in Northwestern California

Living with Wildfire (3rd Edition) CoverTo raise awareness on how everyone can do their part to prevent unwanted wildfires from threatening our communities, the Six Rivers National Forest joined forces with local fire agencies and community organizations to develop and publish the third edition of Living with Wildfire in Northwestern California.

The goal of this publication is to raise awareness about wildfire hazards and provide tools and information that can help homeowners, their families, homes, and properties survive and thrive in a wildfire-prone environment.


Six Rivers National Forest Business Plan

Snapshot of Business PlanThe business plan (pdf 5.25mb) answers such questions as: What is the business of this forest? What are the functional responsibilities and operational standards of the organization? How much money does this forest need to operate within appropriate standards? What is the forest’s financial situation? It provides the forest managers with a powerful tool to communicate the current and future work of their organizations.

Forest Management Plan

The 1995 Forest Plan is available online as a series of pdf files, or you may order a copy on CD from the Forest Supervisor’s Office.

These are just a sampling of the types of handouts that are free at your local forest office.