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Christmas Tree Permits

Eureka, CA - Christmas Tree Permits will be available from the Six Rivers National Forest from November 1 through December 22 and can be purchased at any local Forest office or by mail.

Christmas Tree Permit Policy (PDF)

Christmas Tree Permit Mail-in Form (PDF)

News Release on Christmas Tree Permits for Sale


Eureka, CA, September 28, 2012 - Forest Supervisor Tyrone Kelley announces the release of the 2012 Mushroom Harvesting Policy for Six Rivers National Forest that will go into effect on October 10.  According to Kelley, “This updated Forest policy was developed in response to public concerns expressed about last year’s Forest policy. We took those concerns seriously and did our best to update the Forest’s policy to address them.”

Mushroom Gathering Policy

News Release on Mushroom Policy


Cutting firewood for personal use is a popular past-time for a lot of people who live near the Six Rivers National Forest. Each year, hundreds of people go to the woods to stock up on a winter supply of firewood, lots of times thinking about how pleasant it will be to sit in front of a warm fire on a cold winter night. There is something very satisfying about a nicely cut, split, and stacked wood pile.
Before you head out with your chainsaw, there are a few things you should know about cutting firewood on the National Forest.

Firewood Cutting Permits on the Six Rivers National Forest (PDF)