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Commercial Filming and Photography on Public Lands:
Laws, Regulations, and Permit Information


Commercial Use of Forest Development Roads is regulated under the authority of Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Regional Forester Order 98-2 prohibits commercial haul on a Forest Development Road without a permit or written authorization. Examples of commercial vehicles that may need a Road Use Permit to use Forest Development Roads are logging trucks and chip vans hauling from private land; sand, gravel and rock trucks; and concrete trucks. This list is not all inclusive. There are exceptions and special situations. If you feel you have an exception or special situation, please contact the Road Manager at the appropriate Forest Office.

Downloadable forms include:

The following items outline the procedure for obtaining a Road Use Permit on the Six Rivers National Forest.

How to obtain a Road Use Permit

  1. Print, fill out and return the Application for Road Use Permit to the Road Manager at the appropriate Six Rivers National Forest Office.

  2. Applications must contain the complete name, address, and phone number of the applicant, the Forest road(s) to be used, the quantity and commodity to be hauled, and the applicant's proposed schedule for use of the road(s).

  3. Provide a map of legible scale, such as a USGS 7-1/2 minute quadrangle map, showing the Forest roads to be used.

  4. Provide the volume to be hauled by road segment.

  5. Bonds, when required, must be posted in advance of road use.

  6. Estimated road maintenance collections must be paid upon presentation of a Bill for Collection; or, at the applicant's request, a payment bond may be posted.

  7. Allow at least four weeks for processing and mail time for permit processing, after receipt of a completed application by the Forest Service. Complicated situations may take longer. Simple situations may take less.

  8. The actual volume hauled must be submitted to the Forest Service no less than annually or, at other Forest Service approved intervals. Volumes shall be submitted in the form of log or weight scale records or, other records satisfactory to the Forest Supervisor.

  9. Requests for extension, when needed, should be made prior to expiration of the original permit.

If you need help on a Road Use Permit Application...

For help with a Road Use Permit application, please contact the Road Manager at the appropriate Forest Office.