The Superior National Forest provides a wide variety of job opportunities throughout the year. Careers with the Forest Service include administrative, technical, clerical and professional positions. The information below will be updated as opportunities arise.

Permanent Career Opportunities

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    Do you love working outdoors in amazing landscapes? Do you want to help people have the best possible experience on national forests and grasslands? If your answer is yes, a forestry aid or technician position is the job for you.

Vacancy Announcements are used to announce positions which the Forest Service is currently advertising to fill. All positions are filled via on-line applications through USA Jobs, the website for all federal agencies. These postings remain open for a limited time period varying between three and 15 days, depending on the type of announcement. The USA Jobs website allows the applicant to search by job type, federal agency or location. There are many types of vacancy announcements. Ensure that you meet the requirements for the position by closely reviewing all information within the announcement, particularly the “Required Documents” section, which will list the documents you must attach to your application to be considered.

Outreaches are pre-notification announcements created to gauge interest and notify potential applicants of upcoming job opportunities on the Forest. Interested candidates who respond to the outreach notice in the Outreach Database will be notified when the vacancy announcement opens. The time period between outreach and advertisement varies between 1-4 months.

The USDA Forest Service sometimes uses an open continuous register (OCR) to fill vacancies. An OCR allows the USDA Forest Service a readily available source of applicants to pull from when vacancies do occur for each specific location listed in the OCR.

Our OCRs list many duty locations where positions may be filled during the open dates of the OCR, but the Outreach Database should be used to verify when the desired job location is currently being filled. Though the OCRs are open for three months or longer, many positions may be outreached and filled during that time period. The Outreach Database states locations and application deadlines within the OCR. As these application deadlines pass, applicant materials associated with those unique locations and grades will be reviewed.

Temporary Positions

These positions have a very special place within the Forest Service because they serve an important role in fulfilling the Agency’s mission. Opportunities are available in positions such as trail crew workers, fire lookouts, seasonal biologists, visitor information, naturalists and more. All positions are hired through the USA Jobs system.  

Annually, the Eastern Region recruits committed, hardworking, highly skilled workforce to work in a variety of fire management positions. The Fire and Aviation Management Program is very rewarding and requires talented people working safely as part of a team in a variety of specialized positions including air tanker bases, dispatch, dozers, engine crews, fuels management, hand crews, helitack, interagency hotshot crews, and prevention.

Kinds Of Jobs And How To Apply

Individuals interested in working for the Forest Service must first create an on-line profile in USA Jobs and upload a customized resume  to ensure proper documentation of experience and accomplishments that are directly related to the position.

Additional information on Forest Service Careers can be found here including testimonials from Forest Service employees.

Tips on writing a Federal resume and applying for Federal jobs can be found on the USAJobs Channel.

If you are a Student or Recent Graduate you may qualify for specific opportunities.

Search the USDA Forest Service Outreach Database for upcoming job opportunities.

Tips for searching USA Jobs can be found here.