Event/Commercial Permits

Recreation Commercial Services Analysis

The Superior National Forest is examining the use of recreational commercial services provided on the Forest. To fully understand all the issues, the Forest is seeking information from the public.  Learn how the Superior National Forest is addressing this topic and take part by providing direct feedback through a questionnaire or by taking part in one of two public forums in September.

Event and Commercial Use Permits

Several uses on the national forest require a permit. These include:



Events which involve use by a group of more than 75 people and/or a fee or collects a donation from participants require a special use permit.


Application for holding a recreation event on the Forest.


Commercial Outfitting and Guiding


Commercial Outfitting and Guiding on the national forest requires a permit. Currently, Superior National Forest managers have put a hold on processiong recreational special uses permits while we complete a Recreational Commercial Services Needs Assessment (Needs Assessment). No new permits will be issued, and no new levels of services will be processed during this time.

Exceptions to this hold will be for permits that were in the process of being issued at the start of the Needs Assessment. These will continue to be processed and issued.

The Needs Assessment is a technical analysis that describes the types and levels of Recreational Commercial Services currently offered to the public on the Forest by commercial enterprises. As the Needs Assessment is based on the existing condition (services currently offered), if the Forest authorizes new business or the expansion of services by existing businesses during the analysis period, it will be necessary for the analysis to start over as there would be new information to include.

Please note that the Needs Assessment is only a mechanism to determine the types of recreational commercial services currently offered to the public on the Forest, and the levels/amounts of these services. The Needs Assessment analyzes these services and identifies their need in realizing recreational goals on the Forest, while protecting both physical and social resources.

The information gathered by the Needs Assessment will be used to examine whether the Forest should adjust how it manages Recreational Commercial Services to protect natural resources. If there is a need for adjustment, the Forest will implement a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis to evaluate potential changes. If initiated, the NEPA process will provide extensive opportunity for public input on how the Forest manages Recreational Commercial Services.

          List of Permitted Outfitter Guides - April 2018


Commercial Filming and Photography

A permit is required for all commercial filming activities on National Forest System lands, and for certain commercial still photography, except when these activities involve breaking news. 

If the proposed filming or photography is located within the Wilderness, additional information may be required and additional screening will be conducted. The following information provides more details.


What is considered commercial?  How to apply for a permit and what is required 

Commercial filming and photography request form

Insurance requirement

Standard form 299 - Application for transportation and utility systems and facilities on federal lands. 



If you have any questions about this information, you may contact one of our Forest offices or send your inquiry via email to:  r9_superior_nf@fs.fed.us