Outdoor Safety & Ethics

Spending time in your National Forests can be a very enjoyable experience.  As a visitor to the Forest, you are asked to follow certain rules designed to protect the forest and the natural environment, to ensure the health and safety of visitors, and to promote pleasant and rewarding outdoor recreation experiences for all visitors.

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Know before you go

Be sure you know what kind of conditions to expect before you go so you can prepare for your trip.

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Winter Safety - Be Prepared

A recommended list of items you should take to ensure a safe trip to the woods.

Play Nice in the Snow

Umatilla National Forest’s Winter recreation areas are used by a range of visitors including snowmobilers, Nordic and Alpine skiers, snowshoers, dog sledders, skijorers, and people just enjoying the winter scenery. Following these guidelines and practicing common courtesy will ensure all trail users can safely enjoy their winter outing.

Visiting Wilderness Areas

Driving on Forest Roads

Fire Prevention & Education

Forest Rules & Regulations

Regulations vary by land management agency, by activity, and by area visiting. So be sure to check with the appropriate land management agency for the latest information concerning their current regulations. The following regulations apply to the Umatilla National Forest.  Please follow these rules which are aimed at protecting the Forest's natural environment and to ensure everyone's health and safety.

The regulations for fishing and hunting on the Umatilla National Forests are under the jurisdiction of Oregon and Washington State. Refer to the websites for the latest hunting and fishing regulations:

 Law Enforcement

  • Obey Federal Laws.  All visitors and users of the National Forest are subject to Federal Regulations. All of the regulations are published in Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations and are on file at all Forest Supervisor and District Ranger Offices. Violation of orders and Regulations is subject to punishment by a fine or imprisonment. Authority: 16USC 551, 7 USC 1011(F).  The points of conduct listed here are generally included in and enforceable through Federal Regulations.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Regional Foresters and Forest Supervisors may issue orders that close or restrict the use of certain areas when the need arises. These orders will be posted so as to reasonably bring them to the attention of National Forest visitors. Copies of such orders will also be available in Forest Supervisor and District Ranger Offices.  For a full listing of Forest Orders click here.
  • Crime Prevention


What to do if you Encounter a Marijuana Cultivation Site

George Creek - Pomeroy RD

The safety of forest visitors and our employees is our top priority. Marijuana cultivation occurs on some National Forests and it is important for visitors and employees to be aware of their surroundings.


Crime Prevention

These precautionary guidelines can reduce your vulnerability and prevent crimes.