Fire Management


Current Fires 

There are no current wildland fires are the forest.

For information about fires on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest call (801) 558-8016.  

When fires start or there is an incident happening on the Uinta-Wasatch Cache National Forest, the public information officers typically try to notify the public via the UWC Forest Facebook. Additionally, Utah Fire Info Twitter and Facebook may share information about new and ongoing fires on the Ashley National Forest.  As the incident evolves, it may be listed on either Inciweb and UtahFireInfo.  

Utah Fire Info is a one stop shop for fires all over Utah.  It has current fire information, fire restrictions and how to report a fire.  This page is a joint effort by county, state, and federal land management agencies to provide timely, updated fire information in one location. 

Local Information

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests utilize a variety of fire management tools including fire suppression, fire prevention and fuels management.  The use of these tools, in combination, enhances protection of forest resources, homes and adjacent lands.

State Fire Information

National Fire Information

The map below is produced by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group and is hosted on the National Fire Situational Awareness page, where users may access the map in a full browser view. Additional incident specific information may also be accessed at InciWeb.

Prescribed Fire

The use of prescribed fire is a growing program intended to return fire to the ecosystem to restore healthy ecosystems and reduce the potential for catastrophic wildfires. A healthy ecosystem is more resistant to severe fire, disease, and insect infestations.  Forest fire managers consider each fire start on a case by case basis. Fires will either be suppressed, or will be managed to achieve forest management plan objectives. Fire suppression is not always the answer, as this can create unnatural levels of fuel buildup that is difficult to manage safely and can create more damaging fires in the future. Some wildfires will be managed to achieve objectives, such as reducing future fire danger, restoring forest health, or to run their natural course within Wilderness. Fire removes accumulations of leaves and needles, grasses, shrubs, brush, limbs, branches and logs and often improves wildlife habitat.

Prescribed Burns for 2023 listed below

Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts

Fire personnel plan to implement the Whitney Bear River prescribed burn project any time from October 10, 2023, through November 19, 2023, weather permitting. This prescribed burn project is broken into two burn units, the Whitney unit 500 acres and the Bear River unit (North Slope Road) 8,364 acres. The Whitney Bear River prescribed burn is in Summit County, 25 miles south of Evanston, Wyoming along the northern Forest Boundary on both sides of the Mirror Lake Highway, State Route 150. Objectives are to stimulate aspen regeneration to improve wildlife habitat and reduce hazardous fuels to reduce the risk of wildfires impacting local communities and infrastructures.
News Release and Maps

Heber-Kamas Ranger District:

West Fork Duchesne Prescribed Fire Project: Is in Wasatch County approximately 10 miles east of Heber City.  The project area is between Duchesne Ridge Road (FSR091) on the north side and Red Mountain Road (FSR080) on the south side. The primary objective is to create a mosaic pattern in the vegetation being burned, allowing for regeneration of different plant species, and breaking up the continuity of the vegetation. This promotes the health and diversity of different ecosystems. Expected burn area of approximately 1,000 acres.
Map West Fork prescribed fire Project Area, Area, Road and Trail Closure Map

Upper Provo Prescribed Fire Project: Is in Summit County approximately 10 miles east of Kamas, Utah on the northeast side of the Mirror Lake Highway (SR150), between Norway Flats Road (FSR035) on the east and the Upper Setting Road (FSR034) on the west. The primary objectives for the burn are to reduce hazardous fuels, regenerate aspen, and improve wildlife habitat. Expected burn area of approximately 1000 Acres. Mao of Prescribed Fire Project Area Vicinity Map  Area, Road and Trail Closure Map  

Racetrack Project: Is in Wasatch County, approximately 20 miles east of Heber City, Utah.  The project area is on the west side of the Currant Creek Reservoir between Coop Creek Road (FSR 082), Chicken Creek Road (FSR 245), Layout Road (FSR 246) and West Side Currant Creek Road (FSR 471).  The primary objective is to create a mosaic pattern in the vegetation being burned, allowing for regeneration of different plant species, and breaking up the continuity of the vegetation. This promotes the health and diversity of different ecosystems. Expected burn area of approximately 1,300 acres.  Map of Prescribed Fire Project Vicinity  Area, Road and Trail Closure Map

Fire personnel will continue to burn slash piles in the Iron Mine, Spring Canyon, Beth Lake, Lost Lake, Norway Flat, Alexander Lake, Lambert Meadows, Hoyts Peak and Murdock Basin areas the next few weeks.

Logan and Ogden Ranger Districts:
Red Ryder Slash Pile Burning: 
Fire personnel from the Ogden and Logan Ranger Districts plan to burn up to 197 acres of piles on the Red Ryder project. This includes 144 acres of hand piles on the Logan Ranger District in the Log Cabin Hollow, Jebo and Slideout areas and 53 acres of hand piles on the Ogden District in the New Canyon area. The Red Ryder project is located within portions of Rich and Cache Counties, and is approximately 45 miles east of Logan, Utah. News Release and maps 

Pleasant Grove Ranger District: Fire personnel plan to burn slash piles in and around Timpooneke campground beginning October 29th.  Overgrowth of vegetation has created a potential threat for high-severity wildland fire in the area.  To reduce potential for this serious threat, firefighters removed dead vegetation and stacked in small piles that are burned when conditions are favorable for complete consumption. This type of prescribed fire is suitable for fall burning, due to seasonal closures of recreation sites and roads. Timpooneke campground, adjacent to the Alpine Scenic Loop, is a popular destination for thousands of campers annually. The site contains vital buildings, facilities, and water system infrastructure to service the campground. This recreation area is also a gateway to the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness. Smoke will be visible in the area and contacts with adjacent landowners and municipalities will be completed before project implementation. Map one Map two

Salt Lake Ranger District:

Spruces Campground Slash Pile Burning: Salt Lake Ranger District fire personnel are planning on continuing to burn slash piles created from an ongoing fuels reduction and hazardous tree removal project near Spruces Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wednesday, October 25th and Thursday, October 26th
News Release 

Success Stories

2018 Willow Creek wildfire, Heber-Kamas Ranger District

Spanish Fork Ranger District - The Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires Facilitated Learning Analysis is now available. The intent of the analysis is to learn from our experiences, develop lessons learned, determine what could have been done differently, and improve future practices. The facilitated Learning Analysis identifies key learning themes that will be used by the Forest Service to improve decision making in fire management.