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The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest remains open, however recreation services at some of our facilities may be changed, suspended or offered through alternate approaches, as we manage for the health and safety of our work force and the public.

  • Please be aware that some facilities, including restrooms, may be closed or cleaned and stocked on a reduced scheduled. 
  • Visitors should practice “Pack-in, Pack-it-out” when recreating on the Forest.
  • Visitors to our National Forests are urged to take the precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including social distancing. For tips from the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
  •  For information about other recreation areas visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/recreation/  

The Heber and Mt. View Ranger District offices are closed to public entry. 

Common Questions asked about campground reservations/first-some first-serve and list of campgrounds under Utah Recreation Company

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest asks the public to please recreate responsibly. Law enforcement and/or search and rescue operations may be limited due to COVID-19 issues. High-risk activities such as rock climbing, etc. or backcountry activities that increase your chance of injury or distress should be avoided. We also encourage you to follow public health guidelines regarding social distancing while you recreate in National Forests. For more information about how the Forest Service is responding to COVID-19, visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/about-agency/covid19-updates.

The Fifth Water Hot Springs area (Diamond Fork Hot Springs) located on the Spanish Fork Ranger District has been closed for public health and safety and the closure will be in effect until further notice.

Attention Volunteers! 

Volunteer projects, activities, and events scheduled for May including Earth Day Events have been cancelled.  The forests will continue to follow the most current guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, and local health and safety guidelines. The health and safety of employees, volunteers and partners continues to be our main priority.

What's Happening?

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Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Current Campground/Picnic Area, Trail and Road Condition Updates

Please keep a clean campsite Be Bear Aware

Dispersed camping 14 day stay limit

Salt Lake Ranger District - (801) 733-2660

  • The Salt Lake Ranger District office is closed to public entry, please call 801-733-2660 for assistance.
  • the Farmington Canyon road is open from the forest boundary to the intersection with the Francis Peak and Skyline Drive, which remain closed due to snow. Ward Canyon road is still closed due to snow just above Tuttle Loop.
  • The lower portion of the South Willow Canyon road is open to Medina Flats and North Willow Canyon road is open.​
    The upper portion of the South Willow Canyon road (Forest Road #80171) is closed to all motorized vehicles for public health and safety due to a debris slide that has come down off the side of the hill and is blocking the upper portion of the South Willow Canyon road the area has potential for continued rock debris activity due to the weather and while heavy equipment is in the area working to remove debris. The road is closed from Boy Scout campground west to Loop campground. Expected opening date is May 28, 2021.
  • UDOT Construction update Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons
  • Campground/Picnic Areas/Road/Trails Update
  • Cross-Country Ski Trail Grooming 
  • Cottonwood Canyons Foundation
  • Closures/Restrictions/Special Orders

Pleasant Grove Ranger District - (801) 785-3563 

Heber-Kamas Ranger District -(435) 654-0470 or(435)783-4338

Evanston-Mountain View Ranger District 

Ogden Ranger District - (801) 625-5112

Logan Ranger District - (435) 755-3620

  • The lowest elevation gates have been opened. These gates include High Creek, Smithfield, the first gate in Green Canyon, Card Canyon and Left Hand Fork.  Smithfield Canyon road has been cleared of the deadfall, but snow still remains on the last portion of the road, just before the trailhead. Green Canyon road is clear of snow to the second gate. Card Canyon road still has a good amount of snow before the second gate.

  • A landslide was discovered in mid-May in the upper portion of Millville Canyon. The slide significantly damaged the road, leaving the remaining road surface unstable and unsafe for vehicle traffic. The road has been evaluated by forest engineers, and is able to be repaired. The cost to repair the road is significant, and repairs will likely be scheduled in 2021. The road will remain closed to vehicle traffic until it is repaired and safe for public use.

  • ​A portion of the Riverside Nature Trail is closed for health and safety concerns.  A rockfall has damaged the board walk and trail. With concerns about continued rocks falling we are asking the public to stay out of the area until the issue can be mitigated and repairs can be made. The portion of the trail that is closed is between the Guinavah-Malibu campground and Spring Hollow campground.
  • Winter timber harvest and hauling activities have been completed for this season on the Red Ryder Timber Sale (Temple Canyon & Log Cabin Ridge area of Rich County). Timber harvest and hauling operations will resume in this area again in late spring once the roads have dried out, and continue through next fall. 
  • Volunteer Opportunities on the Logan Ranger District
  • Snowmobile Trail Grooming
  • Cross-Country Ski Trail Grooming
  • Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update
  • Closures/Restrictions/Special Orders   

Spanish Fork Ranger District- (801) 798-3571

  • Road and campground update gate on the Pole Haven road- Left Fork Hobble Creek up to Spring Hollow is open. Gate on Billies Mountain and Long Hollow off of Highway 6 are open. County opened Nebo Creek, Little Diamond and Wanrhodes today. Payson Canyon the first gate is open on the Nebo Loop allowing people to get to the Grotto and the dispersed parking lot known as Ski Lift. Maple Lakes Gate is now open and public can drive to Maple Lake. Pole Creek the gate is open on Forest Road 016. Cherry, Whiting, Diamond Fork and Ponderosa campgrounds are open with water.
  • Three Forks closure remains in effect and the first gate in Diamond Fork (Gary’s Gate) remains closed, restricting access on Forest Road 029, due to Utah County Road Work.
  • The Fifth Water Hot Springs area located on the Spanish Fork Ranger District has been closed for public health and safety and the closure will be in effect until further notice. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work together to minimize the impacts and spread of the COVID-19
  • Closures from Santaquin Meadows down to Tinney Flat is still in place, closure for Santaquin road in place, closure for Blackhawk area in place, closure for Black Canyon, Sawmill/Nebo Creek, Beaver Dam, East Bennie Creek, Deer Hollow, Calkens Hollow, and White Pine Hollow is still in place.
  • The lower portion of Santaquin Canyon road is closed to all motorized vehicles starting at the gate at the Forest boundary to Trumbolt picnic site. The closure is in place to provide for public health and safety due to flooding that has undercut the lower portion of the Santaquin Canyon road.The road is unsafe and could collapse under vehicle weight, and while heavy equipment and crews are working in the area to repair the road damage.
  • The upper Santaquin Canyon road is closed above Trumbolt day-use site east approximately 1 ½ miles to Tinney Flat campground.  All pedestrian, equestrian, bicycle, and any type of motorized vehicles will be prohibited, due to the extreme safety hazards in the area.. 
  • The Sheep Creek/Rays Valley road is open over to Unicorn Ridge. Indian Springs open.  But visitors need to be remember that the road will be closed for the rest of this season and next when construction of the Strawberry connector project starts. Strawberry Sheep Creek Connector Information Flyer
  • Campgrounds/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Updates
  • Snowmobile Trail Grooming
  • Closures/Restrictions/Special Orders

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Facilitated Learning Analysis Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires
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Salt Lake County Wasatch Canyons General Plan Updates
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Surveying Pika Populations Above Brighton

The American pika is a low-profile mammal that lives at high altitudes. Related to rabbits and hares, these small, big-eyed creatures spend much of the summer preparing for a harsh winter high above the timberline. Starting in mid-September, a DWR biologist will visit an established pika area above Brighton ski resort to check on population growth.


Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation – Kids Educational Activity

Paul Whisman, Natural History Museum of Utah and tribal youth.

Logan Ranger District and Stokes Nature Center hosted a collaborative education effort for tribal youth between Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation and Utah Natural History Museum


Willard Peak Wildflowers

Forest Photo Gallery