Learning Center

Silver Lake Visitor Center

Photo of the Silver Lake Visitor Center. Photo of people hanging posters in the visitor center. Photo of the Bringing Back the Trees display. Photo of the fish display at the visitor center. Photo of the Wetlands and Water, Forest Giants and Think like a Mink displays at the visitor center. Photo of a display that had information on a number of different mammals at the visitor center. Photo of the Eager Beavers display at the visitor center.



Temple Quarry Historical Program

"Working the Quarry"
Visit the historian Paul Smith, and travel back in time. Experience the challenge of splitting, shaping, and transporting huge, 30-ton granite boulders by hand. Visitors will enjoy this program, learn about history, and see how the LDS Temple was constructed.

Temple Quarry Nature Trail
The parking area for this trail is on Little Cottonwood Road (approx. 9400 South) just west of the large electrical sign at the entrance to Little Cottonwood Canyon. Take the short trail from the south side of the Temple Quarry parking lot near the bathroom, and follow it to the left. Meet at the Temple Quarry Amphitheater benches. This program is sponsored by the Latter Day Saints Education System and the US Forest Service.

Silver Lake Information Center

Silver Lake is nestled up Big Cottonwood Canyon near Brighton. The Silver Lake area has an accessible boardwalk with interpretive signs around a beautiful natural lake. Enjoy this unique area of the Uinta-Wasatach-Cache National Forest as well as learn about the environment.

Discover Your Forest Program

Discover Your Forest (formally Ski with the Ranger or Ski Naturalist Program) is an interpretive program that takes place on the ski slopes! The participating resorts include Brighton, Solitude, Solitude Nordic Center, Alta and Snowbird. Visitors meet with a Forest Host Volunteer and ski down an easy-intermediate run with about five stops along the way. At each stop, visitors will learn about a different topic including natural history (geology), history of the resort, human history, wildlife, trees, watershed, and snow information. Each program varies because each volunteer is responsible for their own program. Programs run once a day on weekends and holidays starting around the end of December and continuing through March.


Diamond Fork Youth Forest (DFYF) Conservation Education Program

Students collecting specimans from the river with goldfish nets.

The mission statement for the youth forest is "Create an enjoyable and challenging learning environment where youth can discover, gain an awareness and understanding of our natural resources, and have the opportunity to participate in managing those resources."