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Find conservation education assistance, maps and publications at your local Forest Service office. 

Drones are Dangerous Near Wildfires

Drones are dangerous if flown near wildfires. Drones can interfere with wildland fire air traffic that are necessary to suppress wildland fires. If drones are spotted near a wildfire, firefighting aircraft may have to land due to safety concerns. Tips for responsible drone use.



Check out critical research projects happening at Rocky Mountain Research Center and meet some of the scientists at work. A good source of current scientific information for our area may also be found at Rocky Mountain Research Station.


Conundrum Hot Springs Video

Colorado's Conundrum Hot Springs are among the highest hot springs in North America. Conundrum Hot Springs has seen a dramatic increase in use over recent years, which has led to a pile up of human impacts. Check this helpful video about how to do it right by www.lnt.org.

Conundrum Hotsprings

Snow Rangers

What is a snow ranger? These crucial forest rangers help make our ski areas safe. The relationship between ski areas and the Forest Service focuses on providing outdoor recreation opportunities for the public. There are 22 ski areas in Colorado that are on national forest lands.


 Interpretive Programs

On the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District these are provided through a partnership with the Walking Mountains Science Center. Naturalists provide interpretive programs on subjects such as mountain mammals, wildflowers, cultural history, and many more. Programs are offered Mondays through Saturdays at multiple locations across the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District from June 20th through Labor Day weekend.