As part of carrying out the mission of the Forest Service, agency resource specialists develop proposals that will enhance or maintain resource values on public lands, as well as generate products. In addition, the public may submit proposals for various uses such as rights-of-way, land exchanges, and recreational events. A necessary part of the planning for these is the environmental analysis and documentation, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and agency direction.


Policies & Legislation

Local, regional, and national policies, agreements, and legislation guide our priorities and procedures. Many of our regulations are explained in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Bighorn National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Shell Falls Re-Powering

The Shell Falls Re-Powering Project will replace the existing underground power line that runs up Shell Canyon for 4 miles from Shell Falls Visitor Center.

Under Analysis

Antelope Butte Foundation, Inc 2017/2018 Winter Rec Event

Application has been submitted for a recreation event permit to hold several events throughout the 2017-2018 winter season. Event activities include: sledding, tubing, fat biking, dog sledding, x-country skiing.

Bighorn National Forest Salvage and Sanitation Treatments

Improve forest health by responding to tree mortality events and ongoing chronic insect and disease issues. Utilize commercial harvesting or non-commercial thinning to salvage dead or dying trees or control the spread of existing insect and disease.

Camp Comfort special use authorization for fence

Authorization of 100 year old fence partially on NFS lands and adjacent to private land where removal is not practicable.

Invasive and Other Select Plant Management on the Bighorn NF

The Forest, through the application of an integrated treatment strategy, proposes to continue to treat invasive and other plant species. Treatments include aerial and ground-based herbicides, approved biological control methods, and education.

Sheridan Municipal Watershed - Scoping Comments due February 9.

Reduce hazardous fuels that could support a more severe and widespread wildfire in this municipal watershed and adjacent lands. Restoration of riparian and aspen habitat will be considered. Maintain and improve water quality by sediment reduction.

Tensleep Canyon Climbing Management Plan

Respond to increased development and impacts from rock climbing. Considers protection of the following: soil, vegetation, geologic, water, cultural, wildlife, and social resources. Considers protection of resources via restrictions/permits/education.

Analysis Completed

Tie Flume Vegetation Management Project

Create a diverse and healthy forested ecosystem by implementing a variety of vegetation and prescribed burn treatments. Treatments will enhance resiliency to insect/disease outbreaks and reduce the potential for large-scale wildfire.


Munkres Blowdown Salvage

Salvage harvest of trees blowndown in a late June 2019 storm near Munkres Pass.

Paradise Ranch Special Use Pasture Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of Special Use Permit for a pasture for a new term.

Polaris Test Runs and Bighorn Mountain Snomads Permits Reissuance

This is a duplicate project. The correct original project # is 52943 and PALS # is 11020000.

West Side Connector Trail

Construct a motorized trail system for vehicles less than 50 inches in width between Powder River Pass and Deerhaven Lodge that would allow motorized users the ability to travel across the district without riding on Highway 16.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.