Projects are proposed actions that, through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) analyze different alternatives to the proposed action. This requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, is implemented on the ground.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) - The quarterly summary of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Chugach National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Derickson Fishpass Gabion Replacement

Project will replace deteriorating wire gabion baskets that provide support for an existing fish passage installation.

Under Analysis

Chugach Forest Plan Revision

The Chugach National Forest is revising and updating its 2002 Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan).

FLPMA Private Road Permit

Pvt property owner applied for auth. to build 150' x 35' driveway across 150' of NFS lands. Applicant was issued an "Authorization to Construct" from ADOT&PF since project area is within Seward Hwy ROW. Requesting 5-yr term and year-round access.

Outfitter/Guide Permit Amendment, Alaska Backcountry Access

This decision is a response to the proposal for a permit modification from Alaska Backcountry Access.

Penny Picker Mining Plan of Operations

Prospecting and exploration for gold along Canyon Creek.

Analysis Completed

Eyak River Trail Maintenance

Maintain and repair trail within existing footprint.

Forest Plan amendment, applying only to the Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Project

In support of the Federal Highway Administration Record of Decision for the Sterling Highway 45-60 Project, the Forest Service proposes a project-specific Forest Plan amendment to make the selected route consistent with the Chugach Forest Plan.

Freestone Gravel Pit Expansion Area

Proposal to expand the Freestone Gravel Pit to accommodate mineral material needs for a construction project on the Seward Highway. It includes clearing vegetation and overburden, excavating and processing materials, and hauling materials off-site.

Portage Curve Multimodal Connector

To provide a safe multipurpose recreational path to connect facilities along a highly-recreated segment of the Seward Highway.

Two Thousand Firewood and Habitat Improvement Project

Spread out across a wide area, firewood will be generated while increasing browse for moose, reducing fuels along roads and campgrounds, and adding structure to streams to improve watershed condition.


Aces & Eights Mining Plan of Operations

Exploration utilizing a five inch suction dredge on Alder Creek off the Hope Highway

Cooper Creek Stream Restoration

Stream restoration work on the lower 0.75 miles of Cooper Creek, from the mouth of the canyon to the confluence with the Kenai River.

Cooper Creek Stream Restoration/Mineral Materials Project

Stream restoration work in conjunction with mineral materials extraction on about 2500 feet of Cooper Creek in an approximately 16 acre area.

Dillon Mining Plan of Operations

Five year mining plan of operations for placer exploration and access on Stetson and Cooper Creeks with placer exploration utilizing a 5 inch suction dredge and highbanker and ATV access on the existing Stetson Creek trail.

Northern Sun, Inc. Proposal to provide outfitting/guiding services

Northern Sun, Inc. dba Anderson Island Lodge is proposing to provide outfitting/guiding services such as hiking and canoe/kayaking on the West Delta and canoe/kayaking and sports fishing in Port Gravina and Sheep Bay, Prince William Sound.

Resurrection Pass Trail--Commercial Recreation Special Uses

Determine the appropriate level and variety of commercial recreation uses compatible with non-guided uses along the Resurrection Pass Trail system. Resolve the 1991 "freeze" on issuance of new special use permits for the trail system.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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