Projects are proposed actions that, through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) analyze different alternatives to the proposed action. This requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, is implemented on the ground.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) - The quarterly summary of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Chugach National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

Developing Proposal

  • Chugach National Forest Elodea Early Detection and Rapid Response

    Adopt the language of the Programmatic Environmental Assessment of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Management Strategy for Elodea and Other Submersed Aquatic Invasive Plants in the Alaska Region as the Chugach NF's management strategy.

Under Analysis

  • ADF&G Cannery Creek Fish Hatchery Electrical Updates

    ADF&G / PWSAC have proposed electrical upgrades to (3) segments of buried electrical line at the Cannery Creek hatchery.

  • ADF&G Main Bay Fish Hatchery Wastewater Treatment System Replacement and Upgrade

    Alaska Department of Fish & Game has proposed the replacement and upgrade of the wastewater treatment system at the Main Bay Fish Hatchery.

  • APU, Thomas Training Center, Eagle Glacier, Construction of New Nordic Training Facility

    This proposal is for the complete removal and replacement of the APU Thomas Training Center, Nordic facility on Eagle Glacier.

  • Begich, Boggs Visitor Center and Portage Lakefront Recreation Site Improvements

    Relocate and reconstruct the walkway along the frontage of Portage Lake. The new walkway will at a higher eleveation and tie into the INHT. A boardwalk on piles will also be constructed into the lake to provide a better viewing area.

  • Center Ridge Trailhead Reconstruction

    Decommission the two existing outhouses at the Center Ridge Parking Area (non-motorized side) and construct a new outhouse with trail further from the road. Funding permitting, construct two accessible, covered pavilions adjacent to the parking area.

  • Outhouse replacement and/or relocation

    Replace and/or relocate eight outhouses at: Carter Lake Trailhead, INHT/Trail of Blue Ice (x2), Johnson Pass Trailhead, Turnagain Pass Dey Use Area--motorized side (x2)and the Copper River Hwy MP 18 (One Eyed Pond) Day Use Area (x2).

  • Palmer Creek Subsistence Access and Aquatic Organism Passage Improvements

    Replacing two bridges and one overflow culvert along Palmer Creek Road.

  • Port Chalmers Public Use Cabin Reconstruction

    This multi-year project will completely reconstruct the cabin and associated toilet.

  • Portage Valley Corridor: Replacement of Recreation Site and Interpretive Signs

    This project would replace outdated and deteriorating recreation site and interpretive signs within the entire Portage Valley to improve visitor experience and safety. Funded by the Great American Outdoors Act.

  • Spencer Bench Trail Bridge Replacement

    Reconstruct a failing 32' trail bridge at approximately Mile 3 of the Spencer Bench Trail. Project funded by Great American Outdoors Act.

  • Trail of Blue Ice/Black Bear Campground Flood Repair

    Install approximately 600 feet of elevated boardwalk along a segment of the INHT: Trail of Blue Ice, which frequently floods during high water events. Raise campsites at the adjacent Black Bear Campground approximately 14".

  • Upper and Lower Paradise Cabins Deferred Maintenance

    Replace the rotting foundations of both cabins. Cabin ocations will remain the same.

Analysis Completed

  • CCO Experiential is proposing hiking and camping on Cordova Ranger District

    Coalition of Christian Outreach Experiential Designs is proposing to bring college students to camp in Sheep Bay, Orca Inlet, Orca Bay, and Simpson Bay and hike and camp on the Sand Trail leading to the Scott Glacier.

  • Cordova Ranger District Guided Helicopter Skiing Project

    Project proposes to issue special use permits for guided helicopter skiing activities on NFS lands within the Cordova Ranger District. Activities are expected to begin in Dec 2021.

  • Eyak River Trail Maintenance

    Maintain and repair trail within existing footprint.

  • McCarthy River tours is proposing to conduct Outfitter Guide activities along the Copper River.

    Nick Merlino or McCarthy River tours is proposing to raft clients down the Copper River and camp on National Forest system lands along the way.

  • NGOA Marine, LLC (Aurelia Charters) has submitted a proposal to provide hiking to his clients.

    NGOA Marine, LLC (Aurelia Charters)has submitted a proposal to provide guided hiking on the both Cordova and Glacier Ranger Districts. 90 service days is being requested.

  • Recreation Special Use Permits - New Proposals and Modifications to existing authorizations

    Issuance of new outfitting and guiding authorizations to approved applications, or modification to existing outfitter guide authorizations in areas that have no capacity or resource concerns.

  • Recreation Special Uses - Reissuance of expiring authorizations with no changes.

    Reissuance of existing outfitting and guiding authorizations with no change in location or scope of use.

  • Spruce Beetle Response Project

    Manage spruce beetle outbreak on 3,000 acres on the Kenai Peninsula to create optimum conditions for regeneration, diversity, vigor and resiliency. Reduce dead and dying timber, hazardous fuels and safety concerns.

On Hold

  • Turnagain Pass Guided Sled Dog Tour Special Use Permit

    Guided sled dog tours on non-motorized side of Turnagain Pass using snowmachine groomed trails. Proposed use is on groomed 2 mile long loop, south of Center Ridge Parking Lot.


  • Aces & Eights Mining Plan of Operations

    Exploration utilizing a five inch suction dredge on Alder Creek off the Hope Highway

  • Cooper Creek Stream Restoration

    Stream restoration work on the lower 0.75 miles of Cooper Creek, from the mouth of the canyon to the confluence with the Kenai River.

  • Cooper Creek Stream Restoration/Mineral Materials Project

    Stream restoration work in conjunction with mineral materials extraction on about 2500 feet of Cooper Creek in an approximately 16 acre area.

  • Dillon Mining Plan of Operations

    Five year mining plan of operations for placer exploration and access on Stetson and Cooper Creeks with placer exploration utilizing a 5 inch suction dredge and highbanker and ATV access on the existing Stetson Creek trail.

  • Federal Aviation Administration Environmental Cleanup at Johnstone Point

    The FAA is cleaning up spilled diesel, installing ground water monitoring wells, as well as digging up and removing contaminated materials from a buried dump site at Johnstone Point Communication Site in PWS, AK.

  • Northern Sun, Inc. Proposal to provide outfitting/guiding services

    Northern Sun, Inc. dba Anderson Island Lodge is proposing to provide outfitting/guiding services such as hiking and canoe/kayaking on the West Delta and canoe/kayaking and sports fishing in Port Gravina and Sheep Bay, Prince William Sound.

  • Pacific Sleeper Shark Researcher Base Camp in Prince William Sound

    Request for a base camp for 4-6 researchers in Prince William Sound for the month of August 2021.

  • Prince William Sound Science Center is proposing to deploy MOTUS wildlife tracking equipment.

    Prince William Sound Science Center is proposing to deploy a Motus Wildlife tracking station at the mouth of the Alaganik River. The station will track previously tagged shorebirds from 2021-2025. Equipment will be removed at the end of the project.

  • Resurrection Pass Trail--Commercial Recreation Special Uses

    Determine the appropriate level and variety of commercial recreation uses compatible with non-guided uses along the Resurrection Pass Trail system. Resolve the 1991 "freeze" on issuance of new special use permits for the trail system.

  • Special Use Permit (rec & land) reissues with and without modifications and new permit requests

    This project has been cancelled because it was a duplicate of project #57638.

  • TelAlaska Relocation of Buried Cable

    TelAlaska will be required to relocate some of their facilities in the Lakeview area of Moose Pass to accommodate the Alaska Department of Transportation Seward Hwy MP 17-22.5 project.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.