San Juan National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

AML - Abandoned Mine Lands projects on the San Juan National Forest.

Various Abandoned Mine Lands remediation projects, including Bonita Peaks Mining District Superfund activities, and other CERCLA actions.

Forest Health - Salter Vegetation Management Project

Proposed ponderosa pine vegetation management actions including tree cutting, tree planting and activity fuel burning covering approximately 35,000 acres.

Forest Health - Southern HD's Landscape Restoration Project

Vegetation treatment to restore the area (about 34,000 a) to more natural conditions. Treatments could include prescribed fire, tree thinning, small commercial wood sales, fuelwood gathering, mowing, targeted grazing, and designation of an OHV trail.

Fuels and Forest Products - Turkey Springs Vegetation Management Project

This project is near a highly populated area in Archuleta County. The proposal includes fuels reduction activities (thinning, mowing and mastication)as well as tree cutting and removal activities(improvement cutting, thinning, and salvage harvest).

Lands - Valle Seco 2019 Land Exchange

The Forest Service proposes to exchange approximately 452 acres of SJNF lands in ten Federal parcels for approximately 880 acres of one non-Federal parcel of land adjacent to NFS land managed by the SJNF.

Minerals - Petrox Northern Extension Pipeline and Horizontal Drilling Project

Construction of a pipeline on FS, state, and private lands; construction of 1 new gas well pad and access road on FS land; and re-completion of 2 existing gas wells located on FS. The wells would be drilled with horizontal drilling techniques.

Recreation - Purgatory Resort Ice Creek Pod Project

Constructing new quad ski lift and four new ski runs. Rerouting of snowmobile access trail. Would require 2.5 acres of ground disturbance and 25.9 acres of tree removal.

Special Uses - Century Link Master Lease Agreement

The lease agreement would apply to existing buried and overhead telephone and fiber optic lines throughout the San Juan National Forest

Special Uses - Donaldson Waterline Permit Renewal

Renewal of an existing domestic water line authorization

Special Uses - Kremmen Ditch Permit Renewal

Reissuance of an existing water transmission ditch for a 30-year term

Analysis Completed

Facilities - Pargin Mountain Radio Repeater Replacement

Remove old shelter building and separate tower; replace with new integrated shelter and tower. Minor hazard tree removal and brush removal.

Lands - Johnson Claims Acquisition.

The Forest Service proposes to purchase the surface rights to 3 patented mining claims, consisting of 27.723 acres, in the vicinity of Chicago Basin, wholly within the Weminuche Wilderness.

Recreation - Chicken Creek Trails

Analysis of the existing trail system accessed from the Chicken Creek Parking Lot; analysis of approximately 12 miles of new non-motorized single track trails; and analysis of designating 1.5 miles of existing trail as open to motorized use.

Recreation - Rico Trails Project

Analysis of proposed trails, reroutes and improvements to the Spring Creek, Ryman, Rio Grande Southern and Circle trails

Western Area Power Administration Right-of-Way Maintenance and Reauthorization Project

Update vegetation management activities along 278 miles of transmission lines located on NFS lands in Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah. These activities are intended to protect the transmission lines by managing for stable, low growth vegetation.


Fisheries - Spring Creek Culvert Replacement for Aquatic Organism Passage

Replace a culvert where FR547 crosses Spring Creek. The new culvert would include a bottomless arch to improve fish passage in Spring Creek.

Forest Health - Purgatory Vegetation Management Project

The project entails tree cutting to maintain stand health and vigor over 250 acres within the Purgatory ski area permit boundary. This work is being conducted in response to spruce budworm infestations and the potential spruce beetle epidemic.

Minerals - Elm Ridge Resources Five Goose Creek Gas Wells.

Determine conditions of approval for construction of 5 well pads and access roads with co-located pipelines.Total surface disturbance would be about 20 acres. Tiers to former landscape-scale EIS analysis.

Range - Livestock Corral near Purgatory

Construction of a pipe corral for use in conjunction with an existing grazing permit to facilitate livestock loading and unloading. Corral would cover approximately 2 acres.

Range - Thomas Mtn Reservoir and Oliver Reservoir on Lone Mesa Allotment

Proposal for construction of two new reservoirs on Hunt Creek to improve livestock distribution. Side benefit: providing water for wildlife.

Recreation - Logchutes Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

Authorize a downhill mountain bike trail in the Logchutes trail system. Route would be approximately 3.5 mi long using existing alignments. Additionally, the project would rehabilitate other non-system trails in the area.

Recreation - Sage Hen Motorized Trail

Proposal for an approximate 4.5 mile motorized trail was withdrawn by project proponent due to natural resource concerns. NEPA analysis has been cancelled.

Special Uses - American Tower Coal Bank Pass Communications Site Road Use Permit Reissuance

Reissue a 20 year FLPMA road use permit for continued access to communications facilities. There is no proposed change in use of the existing road.

Special Uses - Ditch Bill Easements - Group #10

Agricultural water facilities may be authorized under Public Law 99-545 ("Colorado Ditch Bill").

Special Uses - Hutcherson Pipeline

Re-Authorization of approximately 4000 feet of buried pipeline (6 feet wide) within the H.E. Freeman Ditch, which transports water from Squaw Creek to permittee's adjacent private land. No new disturbance.

Special Uses - Reddert Ranch Forest Road Use Permit

Issuance of a new 20-year special use permit to enable Reddert Ranch to access their private property via existing Forest System Roads and trails

Watershed - Red Mountain Pass Fen Restoration.

Restore hydrologic function of the fen complex by removing an old roadbed, stabilizing existing ditches, spreading mulch, and vegetating exposed ground.

Project Archive

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