Phase 1 Jemez Mountains Stewardship Solicitation – In July 2016, the USDA Forest Service awarded the multi-year stewardship contract for the Southwest Jemez Mountains (SWJM) Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project to TC Company, a local contractor based in Northern New Mexico.

Santa Fe National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Under Analysis

  • Camp May Water Pipeline Project

    Installation of an underground water pipeline and pump stations from West Road to Pajarito Ski Area along the ski hill road for snow making and fire response. Includes a new water tank adjacent to the existing Tank along West Road on DOE land

  • Capulin/Walker Flats CFRP Project

    This project will engage the public and prepare the necessary requirements for vegetative treatments that will reduce overgrown and overstocked conditions and thereby promoting better forest health, watershed conditions and wildlife habitat.

  • Comexico Jones Hill Exploration

    Core drilling for mineral exploration on Jones Hill.

  • Encino Vista Landscape Restoration Project

    To restore the frequent-fire forests by modifying the arrangement of forest stands, openings, and interspaces in order to improve the potential for stand regeneration and offset the risk of forest type loss due to natural success an wildfire.

  • Mushroom and Pony Water Wells

    Drill two wells within the Cebolla/San Antonio Allotment to provide a more reliable water source and allow the exclusion of livestock from the Rio Cebolla and San Antonio Creek riparian areas during critical times for the NM meadow jumping mouse.

  • Ponderosa Water Association Amendment

    Install a new above ground water storage tank and establishing a 100 foot right-of-way to access the tank.

  • Rowe Mesa II

    proposing a project to promote a mosaic of healthy forests stands and natural grasslands by thinning and prescribed burning in pinon/juniper, and ponderosa pine trees that have encroached into the understory of woodlands and into meadows of Row Mesa.

  • Santa Fe Mountains Landscape Resiliency Project

    The purpose of this project is to improve the resilience of a priority landscape to future disturbances by restoring forest and watershed health and reducing the risk for catastrophic wildfire.

  • Santa Fe National Forest Land Management Plan Revision

    Land Management Plan (Forest Plan) Revision

Analysis Completed

  • Cebolla/San Antonio and San Diego Grazing Allotments Environmental Assessment

    The purpose and need for this project is to ensure that the forest authorizes livestock grazing in a manner that balances permitted use with capacity and maintains and/or improves range, wildlife habitat and watershed conditions across the allotments

  • Northern New Mexico Riparian, Aquatic, and Wetland Restoration Project

    The Forest Service proposes to restore riparian, aquatic, and wetland habitat on the Carson, Cibola, and Santa Fe National Forests, and the Kiowa Grasslands in New Mexico by implementing a variety of restoration activities.

  • USGS Gage Stations at Buckman on the Rio Grande

    USGS has two gage stations upstream of Buckman Diversion Project to monitor river flow levels. Gages are together about 25 feet from the Rio Grand and transmit flow data through telemetry. Consist of metal box on stilts and a pipe going into river.

On Hold

  • Army National Guard Helicopter Landing Zones on the Santa Fe National Forest.

    Army National Guard requests a 10 year authorization permit to use specific 30 meter radius locations on the Santa Fe National Forest as Helicopter landing Zones. Air Medical out of Los Alamos also requests to permit select locations west of Santa Fe

  • Cerro Pelon Timber Stand and Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

    Thin pinyon-juniper approximately 315 ac. to improve the health and fire resilence of the stand. Espected results of increased pinyon nut production for birds and wildlife. Some additional herbaceous forage should also result with reduced soil loss.

  • El Pueblo/Anton Chico Small Products

    The project area is overgrown and overstocked with woody vegetation consisting primarily of dense juniper and pinon. The majority of the trees are small averaging less than 12 inches DRC. The district proposes thinning and prescribed burning.

  • New Mexico Gas Company Pipeline Maintenance Project

    We are proposing to allow the implementation of pipeline inspections, maintenance, and repairs on the Department of Energy (DOE) natural gas pipeline on Santa Fe National Forest System lands.

  • Pajarito Mountain Nordic Trails

    Hazard tree felling along Nordic ski trails and removal of top layer of stacked fuel along side of trail, except in Canada Bonita RNA. Also trail stabilization on eroded sections near Canada Bonita meadow.


  • Atalaya Trail Run

    1st proposed trail run from St John's College parking area to the top of Atalaya Mountain and back. Proposed for July 2, 2016.

  • Century Link/PNM Santa Fe to Los Alamos Fiber Optic Project

    A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was singed by the Dept. of Energy (DOE) lead agency for this project. The FONSI was adopted by the Forest Service following the "One Federal Decision" guidance Under Executive Order 13807.

  • Duran 2010 Pumice Mine

    Develop an open pit pumice mine south of Cerro del Pino. The pumice will be sold under a competitive sale.

  • Forestwide Outfitter Guide Permit Project

    Issuance of special use permits for outfitter guides on all districts of the Santa Fe National Forest

  • Jemez Trick Tank Replacement / Relocation

    Replace four trick tanks damaged in the Las Conchas Fire.

  • Pajarito Temporary Water Pipeline Project

    Authorize for less than one year the installation of a temporary water pipeline and associated pumps to move approximately 10 million gallons of water from local reservoirs to make snow.

  • Replace McKinney Dam

    Remove McKinney Dam and replace it with a fish barrier.

  • Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Restoration in the Upper-Pecos River Project

    The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is proposing to restore Rio Grande Cutthroat trout in Willow Creek and upper Cow Creek within the upper Pecos watershed.

  • Upper Pecos Canyon Roadside Thinning

    Project entails roadside thinning in the upper Pecos Canyon.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

Key Contacts

  • For Schedule of Proposed Actions:

    Sandra Imler-Jacquez
    Environmental Coordinator
    Tel: 505-438-5443
    E-mail Sandra
  • For the Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project:

    Karl Buermeyer
    Implementation Lead
    Tel:  575-829-3535
    E-mail Karl