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1. Public Water Systems and populations receiving surface drinking water supply from National Forest System lands (2nd Edition)

Liu, Ning; Dobbs, G. Rebecca; Caldwell, Peter V.; Miniat, Chelcy Ford; Sun, Ge; Duan, Kai; Nelson, Stacy A. C.; Bolstad, Paul V.; Carlson, Christopher P.

2. Conterminous United States urban forest threats to 2060

Nowak, David J.; Greenfield, Eric J.; Ellis, Alexis

6. The 1990-2020 wildland-urban interface of the conterminous United States - geospatial data (3rd Edition) Data publication contains GIS data

Radeloff, Volker C.; Helmers, David P.; Mockrin, Miranda H.; Carlson, Amanda R.; Hawbaker, Todd J.; Martinuzzi, Sebastián

7. U.S. Forest Service national riparian areas base map for the conterminous United States in 2019 Data publication contains GIS data

Abood, Sinan A.; Spencer, Linda; Wieczorek, Michael

8. Pre- and post-fire forest structure and composition photo-interpreted data for four sub-watersheds in Eastern Washington, USA Data publication contains GIS data

Churchill, Derek J.; Jeronimo, Sean M. A.; LeFevre, Miles E.; Begley, James S.; Gray, Robert W.; Cansler, C. Alina; Hessburg, Paul F.; Povak, Nicholas A.; Kane, Van R.; Kane, Jonathan T.; Lutz, James A.; Larson, Andrew J.

13. Extraction and estimation of the quantity of calcium oxalate crystals in the foliage of conifer and hardwood trees

Minocha, Rakesh; Chamberlain, Bradley; Long, Stephanie; Turlapati, Swathi A.; Quigley, Gloria

16. Palau historical vegetation cover Data publication contains GIS data

Dendy, Julian T.; Collins, Paul; Mesubed, Dino; Cordell, Susan; Giardina, Christian P.; Uowolo, Amanda L.; Iida, Akiko

18. Smoothed raster of wildfire transmission to buildings in the continental United States (2nd Edition) Data publication contains GIS data

Bunzel, Ken; Ager, Alan A.; Day, Michelle A.; Evers, Cody R.; Ringo, Chris D.

19. Luquillo Experimental Forest atmospheric and high and mid elevation weather data

González, Grizelle; Van Beusekom, Ashley E.; Estrada, Carlos

20. Northeastern Puerto Rico open-canopy and under-canopy temperature and moisture data on an elevational gradient

González, Grizelle; Van Beusekom, Ashley E.; Rivera, María M.