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1. Data from: Limitations to recovery following wildfire in dry forests of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, USA Data publication contains GIS data World symbol which represents External data

Rodman, Kyle C.; Veblen, Thomas T.; Chapman, Teresa B.; Rother, Monica T.; Wion, Andreas P.; Redmond, Miranda D.

3. Penobscot Experimental Forest boundary, roads, trails, management units, and permanent sample plot locations (2nd Edition) Data publication contains GIS data

Kenefic, Liam F.; Muñoz Delgado, Bethany L.; Rogers, Nicole S.; Richley, Andrew R.

4. Digital surface, terrain, and canopy height models for Priest River Experimental Forest in 2002 (2nd Edition) Data publication contains GIS data

Hudak, Andrew T.; Liebermann, Robert J.; Moreira, Eder P.; Gessler, Paul E.; Bright, Benjamin C.; McCarley, T. Ryan

5. Data for firebrands generated from selected structural fuels: Joint Fire Science Program project (15-1-04-4)

Hedayati, Faraz; Bahrani, Babak; Zhou, Aixi; Quarles, Stephen L.; Weise, David R.

6. Fuels and fire behavior from masticated treatments burned in laboratory and field experiments in thinned 30-year old pine plantations, Idaho

Morgan, Penelope; Lyon, Zachary D.; Sparks, Aaron M.; Smith, Alistair M. S.; Keefe, Robert F.

7. Fire and tree mortality database (FTM)

Cansler, C. Alina; Hood, Sharon M.; Varner, J. Morgan; van Mantgem, Phillip J.; Agne, Michelle C.; Andrus, Robert A.; Ayres, Matthew P.; Ayres, Bruce D.; Bakker, Jonathan D.; Battaglia, Michael A.; Bentz, Barbara J.; Breece, Carolyn R.; Brown, James K.; Cluck, Daniel R.; Coleman, Tom W.; Corace, R. Gregory; Covington, W. Wallace; Cram, Douglas S.; Cronan, James B.; Crouse, Joseph E.; Das, Adrian J.; Davis, Ryan S.; Dickinson, Darci M.; Fitzgerald, Stephen A.; Fulé, Peter Z.; Ganio, Lisa M.; Grayson, Lindsay M.; Halpern, Charles B.; Hanula, Jim L.; Harvey, Brian J.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Huffman, David W.; Keifer, MaryBeth; Keyser, Tara L.; Kobziar, Leda N.; Kolb, Thomas E.; Kolden, Crystal A.; Kopper, Karen E.; Kreitler, Jason R.; Kreye, Jesse K.; Latimer, Andrew M.; Lerch, Andrew P.; Lombardero, Maria J.; McDaniel, Virginia L.; McHugh, Charles W.; McMillin, Joel D.; Moghaddas, Jason J.; O’Brien, Joseph J.; Perrakis, Daniel D.B.; Peterson, David W.; Prichard, Susan J.; Progar, Robert A.; Raffa, Kenneth F.; Reinhardt, Elizabeth D.; Restaino, Joseph C.; Roccaforte, John P.; Rogers, Brendan M.; Ryan, Kevin C.; Safford, Hugh D.; Santoro, Alyson E.; Shearman, Timothy M.; Shumate, Alice M.; Sieg, Carolyn H.; Smith, Sheri L.; Smith, Rebecca J.; Stephenson, Nathan L.; Steuver, Mary; Stevens, Jens T.; Stoddard, Michael T.; Thies, Walter G.; Vaillant, Nicole M.; Weiss, Shelby A.; Westlind, Douglas J.; Woolley, Travis J.; Wright, Micah

8. Social conditions, visitor flow & travel simulation model for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (2nd Edition)

Douglas, Mark L.; Sanchez-Trigueros, Fernando; Borrie, William T.; Watson, Alan E.; Christensen, Neal A.

9. Data for firebrands generated from selected vegetative fuels: Joint Fire Science Program project (15-1-04-4)

Bahrani, Babak; Hedayati, Faraz; Zhou, Aixi; Quarles, Stephen L.; Weise, David R.