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The Miller Flat/Joes Valley/ Huntington Canyon Recreation area is further divided into the Huntington Canyon Recreation Area and Joes Valley Recreation Area. Click on the plus sign next to them to see a list of sites in those areas.

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Sanpitch Recreation Area

The Sanpitch Recreation Area is the farthest west portion of the Manti-La Sal National Forest, located in the Sanpitch Mountains. It is located in central Utah in Sanpete and Juab counties. It is bordered on the north by Salt Creek Canyon, to the south by BLM land, to the east by the Sanpete Valley and to the west by the Juab Valley. The closest access is SR 132 on the east and SR-128 and I-15 on the west. It is most noted for the Maple Canyon climbing area and campground. It features beautiful panoramic views of the Wasatch Mountains and Wasatch Plateau. There are opportunities for camping, hiking, hunting and motorized travel.

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