Resource Management

Resource management program areas

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The Forest Service manages forest lands to increase the resiliency of landscapes. We have many program areas where we work under this overarching forest restoration theme including: 

Read our most recent Gifford Pinchot Forest Plan Monitoring Program report!

Stewardship Contracts and Retained Receipts Projects

To accomplish the Forest Service's stewardship responsibilities, creative approaches are needed to complete the necessary work and simultaneously contribute to the economic growth of local, rural communities.  Read more about the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Retained Receipts Projects.

Timber & Special Forest Products

View the Timber & Special Forest Products Overview page for information on future and past sales.

The table below provides detailed information on all specific currently advertised Timber Sales & Special Forest Products Sales (e.g. commercial bough and commercial firewood, etc,) including all maps, contracts, bid forms and bidder information.

Timber Sales


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Ursa Stewardship

Bid Date - June 27, 2018

Tracy Biomass

Sealed bids opened June 5, 2018

Cora Thin

Bid date: June 28, 2108

Crazy Stewardship Sale

Bid date: July 17, 2018

Big Creek 2017 Salvage Firewood Sale

Bid Date November 14, 2017