Resource Management

The Ottawa National Forest actively manages the resources of the Forest - from the soil to the timber and plants that grow in that soil to the minerals underground.  Although the state of Michigan manages the wildlife populations, the Ottawa National Forest manages the habitat on national forest land to provide optimum cover and food for the many species of birds, animals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles that call the Ottawa National Forest Home.


Invasive Plant Photo Gallery

Exotic honeysuckle flowers

Local photos of invasive plants of the Ottawa National Forest.

Timber Sales


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Crystal Palace PR Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to Biewer-Wisconsin Sawmill, Inc., Prentice, WI.

Twist Lake Timber Sale

Contract awarded to: Nordine Land Management, Inc. Land O'Lakes, WI

Hoist Lake Timber Sale

Contract awarded to: Timber Brokerage, Inc. Iron River, MI 49935

Fisher Fork Timber Sale

Contract awarded to S.D. Warren Company dba SAPPI Fine Paper North America, Cloquet, MN

Sidewinder Sale

Bid Opening Date & Time: July 28, 2020 @ 1:00pm. Place of Bid Opening: Iron River/Watersmeet Ranger District; E23979 US2 East, Watersmeet, MI 49969. **** Please read April 21, 2020 letter attached, which supersedes letter dated March 30, 2020, for important updates to bidding procedures during COVID-19 PANDEMIC period ****

North Bond Stewardship

Contract awarded to: Shamco, Inc. Iron River, MI 49935

Mitigwaki Creek

Contract Awarded to: Shamco, Inc. Iron River, MI

Amber Stewardship

Contract Awarded to: Blaze Timmins Forestry, Inc., Bessemer, MI 49911

Drop Notch PR Timber Sale

Apparent high bidder is Hydrolake Leasing & Service Company, McBain, MI.

Banjo PR Timber Sale

To Be Opened: July 08, 2020; 2:00 P.M. (local time); Kenton Ranger District, 4810 E. State Hwy. M-28, Kenton, MI 49967 **** Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, there are some changes to protocol when submitting Timber Sale Bids/Offers. Please read the updated "April 21, 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic” letter included in this advertisement. **** For more information call: Sara Vial 906-852-3500 ext. 8524032 or Jim Pelkola 906-852-3500 ext. 8524032

Mosey Down PR Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to Besse Forest Products Group Co., Gladstone, MI

Roll By PR Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to: J.M. Longyear, LLC, Marquette, MI