Resource Management

The Ottawa National Forest actively manages the resources of the Forest - from the soil to the timber and plants that grow in that soil to the minerals underground.  Although the state of Michigan manages the wildlife populations, the Ottawa National Forest manages the habitat on national forest land to provide optimum cover and food for the many species of birds, animals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles that call the Ottawa National Forest Home.


Wildlife Management

Glyptemys insculpta

Through management of the National Forest we provide wildlife with the habitat needed for survival.

Forest Management

Ottawa Trees

Forest management includes guidance, administration, and support of the agency's forest products management and sales programs.

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Fisheries and Watershed Management

Fish Cribs on Ice

With over 500 lakes and more than 2000 miles of fishable stream, and over 130,000 acres of wetlands, the Ottawa aquatic resources are abundant and diverse.



The Botany Program helps ensure forest health, including Rare plant conservation, Non-native invasive plants, Celebrating Wildflowers, Native plants, and Botanical forest products.


Non-Native Invasive Species

Garlic mustard infestation at Clearwater Lake

Thousands of non-native invasive plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, and disease-causing pathogens are infesting millions of acres of lands and waters across the nation.

Fire Management

Image of Smokey The Bear

The Fire Management Program combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression, and fire use.

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Timber Sales


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Trackside P.R. ReAd Timber Sale

Bid Opening: September 26, 2018; 2:00 PM (ET); Kenton Ranger District, 4810 E. State Hwy. M-28, Kenton, MI. DRES Amount: $2,378.00 - due one year from contract award. For more information contact: Chris Boroski 906-884-2085 ext. 16 or Jim Pelkola 906-852-3500 ext. 8524032

Derailer PR Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to Minerick Logging, Inc., Sagola, MI

Ram-rod PR Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to Shamco, Inc., Iron River, MI

Blue Goose PR Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to Biewer Wisconsin Sawmill, Inc., Prentice, WI

Mother Goose Stewardship Project

Contract awarded to Timber Brokerage, Inc.; Iron River, MI

Smiling Mink Re-Ad Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to Norman Pestka Construction, Inc.; Ontonagon, MI

Ridge Top P.R. Re-Ad Timber Sale

Contract has been awarded to Triest Forest Products, Inc., Powers, MI

Trackside P.R. Timber Sale


Yeti Man Timber Sale

Sale has been awarded to: Shamco, Inc., Iron River, MI.

Rail Tie PR Timber Sale

Bid Opening: September 5, 2018; 2:00 P.M. (ET), Kenton Ranger District, 4810 E. State Hwy. M-28, Kenton, MI NO BIDS RECEIVED

Craigsmere Re-Ad

Sale awarded to: Shamco, Inc. Iron River, MI

Clickity Clack PR Timber Sale

Bid Opening: August 29, 2018, 2:00 PM (ET), Kenton Ranger District. NO BIDS WERE RECEIVED Contains DRES amount of $2,389.00.

Nightengale Stewardship

Awarded to: Nordine Land Management, Inc. Land O' Lakes WI

Matchbox Stewardship Project

Contract has been awarded to Cloverland Logging, LLC, Eagle River, WI.

Strand Island Timber Sale

Contract Awarded to: J.M. Longyear, L.L.C., Marquette, MI

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Key Contacts

Forest Planner

Marlanea French-Pombier

Fire Management Officer

Jon Agner

Forest Hydrologist

Mark Fedora

Fisheries Biologist

Holly Jennings

Soil Scientist

Amy Amman

Botanist Program Coordinator

Sue Trull

Botanist - Noxious Weed Coordinator

Ian Shackleford

Forest Timber Sale Contracting Officer

Darren Buckentin