Scenic Driving

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Driving can be an excellent way to tour the expansive Allegheny National Forest.  Hundreds of miles of Forest Roads and one nationally designated Scenic Byways are all waiting for you.  You may wish to pick up (or order by mail) a Forest Map before you go.

Please keep the following in mind while driving through the woods: 

  • Watch for and obey posted speed limits. Forest Service roads can be narrow, rocky, and are not meant for high speeds.
  • Be careful braking on gravel roads. Allow more time and distance when coming to a stop.
  • Beware of rocks, boulders, road washouts, downed trees and brush on the roadway.
  • Use appropriate tires for the terrain and conditions you’ll be traveling.
  • Remember to stay on authorized roads.
  • Plan appropriately for food, gas, and lodging, which may not be readily available along Forest Service roads.  Always carry extra food and water.
  • Carry a car kit, equipment, tools, and supplies, in case of an emergency.
  • Always let someone know your plans and stick to those plans. 
  • There may be logging trucks on these roads. Areas with truck traffic are often posted, although you should always drive with the assumption that there could be logging traffic.
  • Many roads are double lane, with occasional wide turnouts for passing oncoming traffic.
  • Always watch for wildlife, particularly deer.

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