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Photo of a glacier lily which is a yellow flower with green stem. Very delicate.

Plant habitats range from Great Basin Desert to Alpine Tundra with coniferous forests and grasslands in between.

There are approximately 2000 native plant species in Montana and 982 vascular plant species grow on this Forest. Some species, common to the shortgrass plains to the east, also occur in the valleys. Mostly you will find grasses, forbs, and shrubs, along with 18 tree species, and 17 types of willow that sometimes reach tree height. Surveys of ecodata plots revealed 4 species of ferns, 6 species of horsetails, or scouring rushes, 1 clubmoss, and 2 Selaginella species. In addition mosses and lichens found in many habitats, more species will likely be discovered.

If you are interested in learning more about our flora and fauna, look for publicized hikes with naturalists through the Montana Wilderness Association and the Montana Native Plant Society. Another option for exploring and learning is our Wildflower Scavenger Hunt.

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