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In Montana, an OHV Registration decal is needed to ride trails on National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, or State lands. Vehicles must be street legal with license plates if you plan to ride on public roads, including two-track 4x4 roads. To obtain a Travel Plan Map that shows routes where wheeled motorized vehicles are allowed call or write any forest office.

Begin with the Travel Plan Legend, look for the dashed green and orange lines and they will guide you to OHV roads and trails.

To keep designated trails and areas on public lands open for vehicle use it is essential that OHV enthusiasts create a positive image for their sport. Stay on roads and trails, minimize your impact, and respect seasonal trail closures. One way to reduce your impact is to wash your OHV after every ride; weed seeds get caught in the tires and in caked-on-mud. Report weed infestations to the local FS or BLM offices. Failing to protect Montana’s beautiful landscapes is a common reason for closing areas to motorized travel. Be an ambassador.

Visit Montana ATV Requirements for more information.

Clarification of UTV Use on Motorized Trails on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF - October 7, 2015

Featured Trails

Birch Creek features several ATV trails. The ride to Deer Head Lake is popular, as is Birch Creek to Bond Lake. Further up Birch Creek, past the Aspen Picnic Area take a right on Willow Creek. The North Creek trail goes north to Lost Creek or you can loop back between Twin Adams Mountains to Cow Camp Creek and back to the Willow Creek Road.

Recommended Roads:

Between Birch Creek and Polaris there are miles of OHV roads, and many high mountain lakes. A favorite is the OHV trail from Kelly Reservoir to Esler Lake.

South of Wise River are many OHV routes around Vipond Park, Canyon Creek, and routes along the Pioneer Scenic Byway.

Whitetail Pipestone is a popular riding and driving area east of Butte, north of I-90. A good map reader can navigate several loop routes from Lemhi Pass to the south, incorporating one of motorized sections of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.

Or further south, from Big Sheep Creek Road to Bannack Pass, south to Buffalo Springs, and roads on Whitepine Ridge and back to Big Sheep creek.

There are many routes in the Tendoys around Muddy Creek off of the Sheep Creek Road. From Morrison Lake to the north the CDNST is motorized and the drive or ride to Hildreth Creek is spectacular.


Remember to check the weather conditions, be safe, be ethical and have fun!

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