Winter Sports

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Winter in Montana is a Wonderland!

The scenic mountains of Montana attract a range of recreationists during the winter. Snowmobilers, skiers and snowboarders take to the slopes to enjoy the snow. The slopes are indeed a part of the experience, but they are also the part that can hold hidden dangers. Maximize your safety when recreating outdoors this winter. During winter months, be aware of snow conditions, the potential for avalanche danger, and carry and know how to use proper backcountry equipment including avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe while recreating.

Some events and conditions that can increase avalanche risk:

  • Rain and Snow: Significant snowfall or rain during the past 24 hours can make snowpack unstable.
  • Windblown Snow: Windblown snow can load the leeward side of a mountain when it's not snowing.
  • Rising Temperatures: Rapid rises in temperatures can cause snow to become unstable.

The snowpack as a whole may change not only during the course of the winter season, but throughout the course of a single day, due to changing weather and temperature conditions. For more information about avalanche awareness, visit the Forest Service Avalanche Awareness website at


Winter Safety, Skiing and Snowmobiling:

General information for winter safety, ski areas for both downhill and cross-country, cross-country ski maps, and snowmobiles.

Avalanche Information:

West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation
Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center
Forest Service National Avalanche Center

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