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It is prohibited to construct, place, or maintain any kind of structure or enclosure on National Forest System lands without authorization. Portable hunting stands that are not enclosed with walls and/or a roof  and do not damage natural features are allowed from August 15 through December 31. Enclosed blinds may be used, but must be removed by the end of each day.


On the Chippewa National Forest you will find 298 miles of non-motorized trails. A few of these trails pass through some of the best grouse habitat on the Chippewa National Forest. These areas move through small, well-distributed timber stands and openings to provide the different aged forest habitat on which many game animals thrive. 


Hunter Walking Trails

Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations


The Chippewa National Forest Trails Data is now available to the public on the internet. You now have several options to find National Forest Trails:

  • The interactive trail map is available on the Forest Service website at:

  • The interactive trail map is also available at the site at enter “forest service trails” in search box and select ARCmap preview button.

Follow these tips to keep the season safe and enjoyable.

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