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[Photograph]: Hunter in tree looking through binoculars.

With the exception of the State Game Refuge, which straddles the boundary line of the Stonyford and Upper Lake Districts in the southern part of the Forest, all public land in the Mendocino is open to hunting. Forest visitors may use firearms if they carry and use them in a safe manner, and if the users comply with state and county laws. Do not use trees, signs, cans, or glass objects for targets.

Firearms must not be discharged from a road, across a road, across a body of water, or within 150 yards of a campground or inhabited area. Always exercise proper caution when handling firearms: keep in mind that other visitors, loggers, private land owners, or others with business in the Forest could be nearby, even if they aren't visible.

The white sections on the Forest Visitor's Map that are within Forest boundaries represent private land holdings at the time of publication. Many of these owners often post their lands against hunting, fishing, or trespass.

Before hunting of any type on the Forest, you will need to have the proper state license. Check with the California Department of Fish and Game for season regulations.

Please remember that fireworks are never allowed in the Forest! 

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