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Several OHV riders off of a forest road on a clear, sunny day.Mt. Hood National Forest provides three dynamic Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use areas: La Dee OHV Riding Area (7 miles south of Estacada), McCubbin’s Gulch OHV Riding Area (approx. 50 miles SE of Portland), and Rock Creek OHV Riding Area (approx. 50 miles SE of Portland,).

All riders using the Mt Hood National Forest OHV areas are required to have a State of Oregon Safety Education card in their possession and a current state of Oregon or state of reciprocity decal on their OHV.

*OHVs that are not street legal are prohibited on Forest Service system roads outside of the three areas specified on the following page no matter what kind of surface a road might have: gravel, dirt or asphalt.


  • Check the status of your favorite trail or Call Before You Haul: 503-668-1641
  • Check the forest Roads Table for information about roads in the area.

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