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Before heading out on your adventure, we encourage you to read through the rules and regulations associated with your planned activities as well as the active alerts, advisories, and general closures listed on this page. Individual recreation area closures will be listed on the specific recreation area pageOutdoor Safety & Ethics has additional safety information and recommendations that may help you plan your visit.

We do our best to post the latest information; however, safety is your responsibility. If you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate Ranger District Office.

Current Alerts and Notices

Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations 261.50 (a) gives each Forest Supervisor the authority to issue orders which close or restrict use of the of described areas within the area over which he/she has jurisdiction. An order may close an area to entry or may restrict the use of an area by applying any or all of the prohibitions authorized in Title 36, Part 261, Subpart B, of the Code of Federal Regulations. See Below for Current Alerts and closures.

General Public Information:  

Calcasieu Ranger District

Bridge Closure:

  • A portion of Castor Plunge Road (Forest Service Road 287) in Rapides Parish from Hamp Smith Road intersection, approximately 0.4 miles west, to the bridge crossing Cypress Branch Creek, will be closed to replace the existing bridge crossing at Castor Creek. The scheduled start date for construction is April 15 and planned completion date is August 18. A detour route (indicated in purple) will be available from Hamp Smith Road (FS Road 273A) to Messina Road (FS Road 273) to State Highway 488.

Map showing detour route for Castor Plunge Road during bridge closure

Caney Ranger District

  • No alerts or notices at this time. 

Catahoula Ranger District

  • No alerts or notices at this time. 

Kisatchie Ranger District

  • No alerts or notices at this time. 

Winn Ranger District

Road Closure:

  • An emergency road closure for Bright Road (Forest Service Road 595) between Gum Springs Road and Carpenter Road has been declared on the Winn Ranger District in Winn Parish. The road is impassable due to a washed out culvert. For questions, please contact the Winn District office at (318)628-4664.

Map showing location of Bright Road Emergency Closure on Winn Ranger District

Southern Regional Orders

Forest Orders

Pursuant to 36 CFR 261.50(a) and (b), and for the protection of public health and safety and resources, the Forest Supervisor has specified these acts to be prohibited on the Kisatchie National Forest. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a fine or penalty.