Alerts & Notices

To report an emergency, please dial 911

How to Obtain Project Activity Levels

Please call the Mendocino National Forest Contractor Activity Phoneline at (530) 934-1240 to receive the current Project Activity Level (PAL) .




  • MNF 08-15-06 GRCC Hours

Key Contacts

Supervisor's Office
   (530) 934-3316

Upper Lake Ranger District
   (707) 275-2361

Stonyford Work Center
   (530) 963-3128

Lake Red Bluff Recreation Area
   (530) 527-2813

Covelo Ranger District
   (707) 983-6118

Public Affairs Officer
   Punky Moore
   (530) 934-1137

Rules & Regulations

  • Code of Federal Regulations OffSite Link

    All visitors and users of the National Forests are subject to Federal Regulations. The points of conduct listed here are generally included in and enforceable through Federal Regulations. All of the regulations are published in Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations and are on file at all Forest Supervisor and District Ranger offices. Violation of orders and regulations is subject to punishment by a fine or imprisonment.

    Authority: 16 USC 551, 7 USC 1011(f)

    State traffic and game laws apply to National Forests unless otherwise specified.