Forest Adventure Pass

Forest Adventure Pass - Daily Pass - Costs: $5 per day
Forest Adventure Pass - Annual Pass - Costs: $30 Annually

Wherever you live in Southern California, you're just a short drive away from a spectacular wildland adventure - recreating in the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino National Forests! Here you will find mountains as high as 11,500 feet, canyons, vast forests, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams, and a wealth of recreation activities - all waiting for you.

On the Angeles National Forest - San Gabriel Mountains National Monument you can enjoy hiking, camping, mountainbiking, off-highway vehicle travel, picnicking, winter snowplay, cross-country skiing and many other activities. Your national forest lands are a unique and precious resource, yours to enjoy and take care of so that they will always be there...for present and future generations.\

The Recreation Fee Program, which includes the Adventure Pass, helps:

  • Conserve, protect, and restore natural and heritage resources
  • Enhance the visitor experiences by improving recreation opportunities and services

Many of the facilities and services in Angeles National Forest - San Gabriel Mountains National Monument are free. Some areas and facilities do require the Adventure Pass or other fees to help maintain, manage and improve the amenities that you enjoy. Learn more about the Adventure Pass program and other recreation passes that might meet your needs as you enjoy your public lands. more on the Adventure Pass - where it is required, and where to purchase the pass