Personal Use Christmas Tree Harvest

Chugach National Forest Offers Christmas Tree Harvest for Personal Use

A snowman surveys his forested domain.

Anchorage, Alaska, November 2018 – For many families, cutting a Christmas tree from their backyard National Forest is a holiday tradition. The Chugach National Forest allows the public harvest of one Christmas tree from the Forest without a permit and free of charge.

All areas of the Chugach National Forest on the Kenai Peninsula are open to the cutting of Christmas trees, with the exceptions of Portage Valley and Turnagain Pass. The Portage Valley closure extends from the Seward Highway up Portage Glacier Road to Portage Lake. The Turnagain Pass closure extends from just north of the Turnagain Pass Rest Area at mile post 70 of the Seward Highway to the Bertha Creek Campground at milepost 65.5.  A map of closed areas can be found here.

The following guidelines will help make the tree-cutting experience go smoothly:

  • Each household or organization is allowed one tree from the Forest. The tree cannot be sold, bartered or used in any commercial-type exchange for goods.
  • Always check weather conditions and Forest closures before heading out.
  • Be certain you are on land managed by the Forest Service (be sure to consult the map.)
  • Cut trees at least 150 yards (450 feet) away from main roads, picnic, and campground units, administrative facilities, trails, and bodies of water.
  • Do not fell trees into streams or other bodies of water.
  • Cut trees as close to the ground as possible.
  • Do not lop off the tops of trees higher than 20 feet in order to get the good parts.
  • Follow off-road zoning regulations.
  • Select your tree thoughtfully, to avoid leaving unsightly bare spots in the forest.

Remember, when visiting the Chugach National Forest you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you. For more information, contact the Seward District office (907) 288-3178, Glacier District office (907) 783-3242, Cordova District office (907) 424-7661, Anchorage office (907) 743-9500.