Ibeck Creek Subsistence Angler Access Trail

Trail workers

The Ibeck Creek is a clear water stream that provides spawning and rearing habitat for coho salmon as well as providing subsistence and recreational opportunities for fishing.

Awarded in September 2016, the project focused on improving conditions of a heavily used trail. Subsistence and sports fishing anglers typically use the trail area in the fall to participate in coho salmon fishing. The areas surrounding the trail have been bushwhacked creating multiple footpaths along the streambank degrading the salmon habitat.

A six-person Student Conservation Association crew worked to widen and upgrade 3,168 linear feet of the official trail, this included brushing the shoulders of the trail, installing boardwalk planks, planting shrubs and trees, and creating water crossings.  One thousand five hundred trees and shrubs were planted and three miles of stream areas were restored. The project also engaged 15 volunteers totaling 300 volunteer hours.

The upgraded and improved trail eliminates the need for anglers to bushwhack and create additional trails and will have a positive effect on the water quality of the Ibeck Creek Subsistence Angler Access Trail.