Rockhounding Site: Eagle Rock

Rock Type: varied agate

Site Description: Moss and dendritic agate in a rhyolite matrix can be found at this site. Thick seams of black chalcedony also occur. Plenty of agatized rhyolite can still be found scattered on the ground but hard pick and chisel work is required to remove any material that is still in place in the cliffs.

Directions: Available on Central Oregon Rockhounding Map, Purchasing Info

Road Access: Not Maintained

Site Information: Seasonal road closure. Contact BLM.


Agency: Bureau of Land Management BLM Logo Pic


Eagle Rock is an erosional remnant of a welded tuff (hardened volcanic ash deposit) along Hwy 380 near the Eagle Rock rockhounding site.Eagle Rock Tuff

Rockhounds collecting at the Eagle Rock agate beds.Eagle Rock