Boulder River Wilderness

Kelcema  Lake, Boulder River Wilderness, photo by Gary Paull, US Forest Service.Three narrow spires known as the Three Fingers prominently feature this wilderness. South peak is home to an old fire lookout. The high central ridge bears a narrow saw-toothed profile with sheer faces and several sharp summits rising above 5,600. Liberty, Big Bear, Whitehorse Mountains and Buckeye Peaks are a climber’s delight.

Alder, willow, devil's club and other brushy plants make off-trail travel arduous. Along the river you'll find ancient Douglas fir, true fir, western hemlock and western red cedar. Black bears, black-tailed deer, and elk inhabit the forest, with mountain goats staking out the rocky shelves just above the tree line.

Congress designated the Boulder River Wilderness in 1984 with 48,674 acres and it is managed by the Forest Service.