Mill Creek Falls

Thin ribbons of water drop a hundred feet onto rocks below Mill Creek Falls.A short hike into the South Warner Wilderness will take the visitor to the overlook for Mill Creek Falls. This waterfall usually runs year round with more impressive flows in spring when the snow begins to melt and Mill Creek swells.

The trailhead is at the end of the only paved road to the wilderness boundary. Approximately 45 minutes from Alturas via Likely and Jess Valley, Mill Creek Falls Campground also serves as the trailhead. There is ample parking for day hikers and backpackers in addition to campsites at a reasonable fee. The falls overlook is approximately 1/4 mile uphill from the campground. Backtrack a few hundred feet to the south fork of the trail and continue on up the trail and visit Clear Lake in the South Warner Wilderness.

The best time to photograph the falls is late morning to just after noon when the sun is overhead and casts fewer shadows.

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