State of Oregon Sno*Park Permit

Due to changes in Washington’s Sno-Park program, Oregon’s Sno-Park permits will no longer be honored in Washington.  As a result, Oregon will not be able to honor Washington’s Sno-Park permits. 

You must have a valid Sno*Park permit displayed in the windshield of your vehicle if you park in designated winter recreation parking areas (Sno*Parks) between November 1 and April 30. Each of these areas are posted with signs idenifying them as a Winter Recreation Area. You will find Sno*Parks in all mountain passes of the state as well as most recognized ski, snowmobile, and snow play areas.

There are three types of permits:

Annual permit - $25.00
Three-day permit - $9.00
Daily permit - $4.00

Permits are sold at all DMV offices and by permit agents in resorts, sporting goods stores and other retail outlets. Agents are allowed to charge a service fee for each permit they sell.

The cost of the annual permit provides a discount to frequent Sno*Park users over the three day and daily permits. A recent survey of Sno*Park users indicated that an annual permit is used more than 13 times per winter. Parking in an Oregon Sno*Park without a permit may result in a $30.00 fine, so be sure to obtain a permit and display it on your vehicle.