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Facts about the National Forests in California

Number of National Forests: 18

National Forest acres: 20,802,641

Number of Wilderness areas: 79

Number of Wilderness acres: 4,857,331

Number of Wild & Scenic Rivers: 29

Inventoried Roadless acres: 4,416,000

Miles of roads: 46,395

Miles of trails: 16,202

Recreation site visits: 35,623,000

Special Use Permits: 15,000

Family Campgrounds: 869

Group Campgrounds: 131

Ski areas: 25

Active grazing allotments: 515

Number of watersheds (5th field hydrologic units): 385

Annual water yield (in acre feet): 37,500,000

Total annual water supply of NFS in California: 35 million acre feet or 47% of the state

Wildfire acres burned (2015): 537,446

Average wildfire acres burned last five years (2011-2015): 314,348

Acres of prescribed fires (2015): 36,289

National Monuments (2) in acres: 600,000

Number of Grasslands: 1

Pacific Island Partners include: State of Hawaii, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau