Each National Forest is governed by a Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) in accordance with the National Forest Management Act (NFMA) (PDF).  Forest Plans set desired conditions, standards and guidelines for management, protection and use of Forests.  The current Tonto National Forest Land Management Plan was signed in 1985.

Forest Plan Monitoring and Inventory Reports

Monitoring conditions on the Tonto National Forest ensures projects are completed in accordance with plan direction and determines effects that might require a change in the Forest Plan.

2012 Planning Rule

The Forest Service adopted a new planning rule for National Forest System land management planning on May 9, 2012.  The planning rule describes the process the Forest Service will use for development, amendment, and revision of national forest plans. It also sets out requirements for the structure of those plans and includes requirements for their content. For more information you can read the Federal Register National Forest System Land Managment Planning final rule and record of decision

Forest Plan Revision

We have initiated the process of revising the Forest Plan to incorporate changed conditions, best available science, and new public issues beginning in January 2014.  The revised plan will be a collaboratively developed, science-based framework for integrated resource management and for guiding project and activity decision-making. For more information visit the Forest Plan Revsion webpage.

In 2006-07, a draft effort to revise the Forest Plan was underway, but not fully executed, when a court ruling enjoined the 2005 Planning Rule. For more information visit the 2006-07 Forest Plan Revision webpage.

Other Plans and Area Analyses

These plans provide overarching guidance to specific projects and tier to the forest plan. They are usually resource or area specific.

Landscape Restoration

Designated Routes and Areas for Motor Vehicle Use (DRAMVU) Planning

Roads Analysis

Recreation Analysis

Scenic Resources