History (Circa 1800-Present)

Trappers, Traders, & Explorers
Photo of Major John C. Frement. Photo of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton


1855 map of the Stansbury Range, shown here as the O-NA-KUI Mountains. Click to enlarge.Pioneers


Railroad and Mining

Logging / Tie Hacking

From the beginnings of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1863 to the early 1900's, thousands of workers toiled in the timber rich mountains of the American West to supply the wooden railroad ties that linked the country together. Those who logged the forests for the railroad were known as 'Tie Hackers', and their ethnic backgrounds were as diverse as the better known men who laid the rails. Today the result of this effort can be seen as a number of unique archaeological sites. Many sites that tell the Tie Hackers' story are located on lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Be sure to visit the Historic Tie Hack Cabin located at the Mountain View Ranger District Office.
Parley Pratt Peterson Jr. Journal 1
Parley Pratt Peterson Jr. Journal 2
Suicide Park Cemetery and Dead Horse History

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