Forest Products Permits

An oyster mushroomForest Products are products or natural resources that are not the traditional timber and fiber products. Examples include such products as firewood, floral greenery, Christmas trees and boughs, mushrooms, transplants (trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants), cones, medicinal plants, cuttings, herbs, nuts, berries, decorative wood, and pitch.

Definitions and Examples of Special Forest Products


Permits must be obtained for the collection of many forest products.  For most products, personal use permits are free. For other products, or for commercial use, a fee is charged. Failure to have a permit may result in a fine.

For most products, there are regulations covering when, how, and where collection is allowed. The intent of these regulations is to ensure continued availability and sustainability of our country’s forest resources.

Information Needed to Obtain Your Permit

  • You must be 18 years of age and have a valid photo identification (state drivers license, state id, passport, green card, etc.)
  • Information about the vehicle that will be used to harvest the product (license number, year, make, model, color)
  • Your current address

When and Where to Buy a Permit

Please call ahead to check for the availability of the product you wish to harvest. Harvest may be restricted by quantity, method, location, season or time of year. Permits will be available for purchase via credit card over the phone to continue to protect the health and safety of staff and communities. Permits will be mailed to customers directly. This process generally takes 5-7 business days.

Do Your Part

  • Tread lightly while searching for forest products
  • Harvest products in a caring and ecologically sound way
  • Follow the terms and conditions on your permit
  • Keep safety and potential hazards in mind when parking your vehicle or harvesting products
  • Harvesting is prohibited in Botanical Areas, Research Natural Areas, Scenic Areas, and Wilderness Areas
  • Harvesting rare, threatened, or endangered plant or fungi species is ILLEGAL. Please only harvest plants identified on your permit.