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Mt. Adams Climbing Conditions Report

Climbing Update for 07/03/2020:

Passes to climb Mt. Adams are available online at 

Search And Rescue

Due to concerns with exposure to COVID-19, Search and Rescue operations will be severely limited or non-existent. Yakima County and the Mt. Adams Ranger District are working closely together to protect volunteers, employees, and visitors. Please make conservative choices, carry emergency gear, and plan for a self-rescue. Stay within sight and shouting distance of each member of your group; do not split-up. Keep at least one cell phone per group fully charged so that communication may be maintained in the event of a search and/or rescue. If an incident occurs and self-rescue is not feasible, call 911. 

Human Waste Carry-out Bags:

Visitors climbing Mt. Adams must pack out their human waste in human waste carry-out bags.  They are provided for free at the South Climb Trailhead and in front of the Mt. Adams Ranger Station. During this time of concern regarding the spread of COVID-19 we ask that visitors please dispose of their human waste bags at home in order to protect other visitors as well as Forest Service employees.

Current Conditions: South Climb Route

Consistent snow is currently found around 6,800 ft. The snow pack is transitioning into summer conditions: snow is becoming increasingly consolidated and storm systems are depositing more rain than snow.

On warm, sunny weather days with low wind, the snow pack is firm and icy in the morning, softening in the afternoon. Icy conditions have persisted from Piker's to the Summit regardless of weather. On cooler and/or stormy days icy conditions have also persisted throughout the day. If it is icy enough to merit the use of crampons, glissading is dangerous at best and not appropriate. 

Storm systems continue to move through the region, often following warm, clear days. Climbers should be aware that forecasts for the surrounding area do not necessarily reflect mountain weather. The snow pack during these storm systems has remained icy, not softening at all. Winter condtions have been present during these storms in terms of high winds, sub-freezing temperatures, snowfall, whiteout conditions, and hypothermia risk. As long as these conditions persist, travelers should select and mark their route carefully, consider turn-around points, and proceed with caution in the burn area low on the mountain due to falling snags.

Skiers and slpit-boarders are strongly urged to ski or board conservatively as the South Face and Southwest Chutes are becoming increasingly busy. A collision would likely result in a rescue, and rescue services are limited to non-existent. Skiers and split-boarders should also take extra caution on stormy weekends or in icy conditions as a slip could result in an unchecked fall. The Southwest Chutes, on clear weather days, are still in good condition. 

Currently most climbers are following the Summer Route ascending Crescent Ridge. Cornices along the ridge are still present but are diminsihing; punchy snow covering cliff bands continues to persist on the ridge as well. Both conditiosn warrant good route-finding and decision-making. The snow slopes from Crescent Glacier to Lunch Counter are also becoming increasingly cupped and textured. Moats are beginning to appear along the traverse onto Crescent Glacier. Climbers are advised to avoid Crescent Glacier.

Yakama Nation lands in the Bird Creek Meadows area are currently closed to all entry - this includes the Mazama Glacier. It is unknown whether this closure will remain in effect in 2020; please contact their agency.

Road Conditions

The 8040 Rd. is completely melted out and driveable to the South Climb Trailhead.  When parking please be sure to not block or partially block other vehicles, the roadway, turnarounds, or trailhead parking area loops 

Know Before You Go:

Review forecasts by the National Weather Service and any special postings by the NW Weather and Avalanche Center prior to any mountaineering.

For questions regarding the latest information on conditions, please call:

Mt. Adams Ranger Station at 509-395-3402.

Climbing Information:

Review the Mt. Adams Summit webpage for climbing information including: permits, safety, and wilderness regulations.