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Welcome to the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest!


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Closures & Advisories for Flood-Impacted Roads & Areas

**Click on "Alerts and Notices" for specific closure orders. Advisories are due to the road being compromised or under water--and people are encouraged to take a different route.

Helena Ranger District
--> CLOSURE: Priest Pass Road #335
--> ADVISORY: FS Road #1857-T1, off of Little Blackfoot Rd
--> ADVISORY: FS Road #4100, off of Little Blackfoot Rd
--> ADVISORY: Forest Service Road #708
--> ADVISORY: Forest Service Road #123 (Ontario Road)—water is close to overtopping
--> ADVISORY: Little Blackfoot Road #227 (FS and non-FS segments) currently under water or close to overtopping

Lincoln Ranger District
--> CLOSURE: Sucker Creek Road #1800
--> CLOSURE: Ogden Road #1163
--> ADVISORY: Stemple Pass Road #601
--> ADVISORY: Lincoln Springs/Lincoln Gulch area (non-FS roads) experiencing severe flooding impacts

Townsend Ranger District
--> CLOSURE: FS Road #287-E1 (off of Confederate Gulch)
--> ADVISORY: Confederate Gulch #287
--> ADVISORY: Cabin Gulch Road #423


2018 Morel Mushroom Harvest Information

Morel Mushrooms

We anticipate opportunities for people to harvest morel mushrooms in areas that experienced wildfires last summer on our forest. Mushrooms are considered a "forest product" and requires some kind of permit (free or charge) to harvest. This year, the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest (HLC) will be issuing personal use charge permits from any HLC office. There are two different "uses" for mushroom harvesting:  Incidental Use and Personal Use Charge Permit.

  • Incidental Use allows you to harvest an amount up to 5 gallons and does NOT require any permit. A mushroom harvester is allowed possession of less than one gallon per day with a total of 5 gallons per season.
  • Personal Use Charge Permit allows you to harvest up to 300 gallons for the season. The cost of the permit is $1 per gallon with a minimum purcase of 20 gallons (and is sold in $5 increments). No more than 5 gallons in possession per day. Personal use charge permits are required for all harvesters over 12 years of age; individuals ages 12-17 must have their permits signed by a legal guardian or adult sponsor and must be accompanied by an adult while harvesting.

Additional mushroom harvesting information can be found in the HLC 2018 Mushroom Guide.

Click here to view the 2018 Mushroom Harvest Map of the areas open to mushroom harvesting across the Northern Region.

Additional regional information can be found on the Northern Region's Post-Fire 2018 Mushroom Harvest webpage.



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Recent News


Considering Purchasing an Unpatented Mining Claim??

It is important for any prospective buyer to understand what an unpatented mining claim is, and what the rights of an owner of an unpatented mining claim are.  

*NEW* Maps for Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act--Wilderness Areas

In 2013 Congress designated an additional 67,160 acres of National Forest System lands along the Rocky Mountain Front as Wilderness land within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex through the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. Along with that designation change, new maps have been created to identify those new boundaries.  


Prescription Trails

Together, Bike Walk Montana and Recreational Trails Program, are working to make Montana healthier, one step at a time!

Plant Biodiversity Flickr Set

Picture of Wildflowers on the Helena National Forest: Arnica, Indian Paintbrush, and Bluebells

Visit our Flickr album featuring Helena National Forest Plant Biodiversity for beautiful photographs of wildflowers and plants across the Forest!


Update on Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

We've gotten some questions about the future of the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (LCIC). *Spoiler Alert* We see it moving in a GREAT direction!

Have You Seen Me?

The Helena National Forest and Montana Discovery Foundation want to team up with YOU to help report sightings of some special wildlife and plant species while you're in the woods!