Passes & Permits

The Allegheny National Forest manages resources to meet sustainable resource management objectives.  Management protects natural resource values, public health and safety, and is consistent with the Forest land and resource management plans outlined in the Forest Plan.  In order to meet these objectives, permits may be required for the occupancy and use of Forest Service land.  Additionally, passess assist in funding certain management projects.


When DON'T You Need A Permit?

  • When you are gathering edible material (morels, etc.) for your own consumption.
  • When you are camping in a dispersed area.
  • When you are at a site that doesn't require a Recreation Enhancement Act Fee.
  • When you are building a campfire on National Forest System lands you can collect a reasonable quantity of wood for the campfire without a permit.


When DO You Need A Permit?

  • For some recreation activities:
    • At most day use sites such as trailheads, picnic areas and river access sites
    • Reserving a campsite
  • For collecting fuelwood.
  • Special Use Permits are required for commercial and non-commercial use of NFS lands, including:
    • Easements for electrical and utility lines,
    • roads to access private property bound by National Forest lands,
    • oil and gas pipelines, wells or holding tanks, etc.
    • Minerals


Event and Commercial Permits

Special use permits are required for commercial and non-commercial use of NFS lands, including outfitting and guiding.

Falconry Policy

Falconry policy for taking of goshawk chicks from nests on the ANF the Forest worked with the PA Falconry & Hawk Trust and PA Game Commission to develop a policy.


Firewood Permits

Information on firewood permits

Recreation Passes and Permits

Information on Annual, Day Use and Trail Permits